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My article will be discussing the final battle in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It will contain my speculation on what could possibly happen and my theories on how things will play out. Realize this is just a speculation article and that this does not contain spoilers. After saying all that let carry on to my first point.


As much as i hate to admit it but Doomsday will be the threat in Batman vs Superman. Doomsday is a ruthless killing machine and only really a physical threat that you can't build a whole movie around. So simply using him as a plot device which causes Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman to join forces makes sense. And seeing how Doomsday rumors are just not dying anytime soon it safe to say the famous villain most known for killing Superman will make an appearance in the movie.

Damage Control

I think a point of emphasis is going to be made by not allowing Doomsday to reach the city and cause destruction and have a Metropolis 2.0 on there hands again. If you noticed when you look at the batjet flying over the chaos and destruction it not in a heavily populated area. But in the distance you see either Gotham or Metropolis and i think that why Batman is rushing to stop Doomsday from reaching the city at all costs. The fight scene where you see Wonder Woman is more than likely the location the final fight will be and in a secluded location where the trio can duke it out with Doomsday.

Superman is engaging Doomsday in this image and not Batman the way the trailer led you to assume it was. You can even see hear when Superman is flying over all that destruction it doesn't seem to be a heavy populated area. My guess is it a forest of some sorts and it is there goal to stop Doomsday from reaching the city at all costs.

Batman down for the count?

If you look closely behind Wonder Woman that appears to be Batman batjet laying in waste possibly being destroyed by Doomsday. I bet your asking right now what happen to Batman? Don't worry he just fine.

As Batman comes out of the wreckage unscathed and is prepared to fight Doomsday himself. Or could just possibly avoid his heat vision blasts..

And crashes through windows.

But don't worry Batman fans out there as Batman will likely be the guy to stopping Doomsday or have a really big part to play in it.

Superman preparing to use his freeze breath on Doomsday?

The way Superman looking it seems like he prepared to let out a load of super breath or freeze breath on Doomsday. But once again the trailer makes you think he going to use it on Batman but i strongly think that at this point Batman and Superman have settle there differences and working together for the common good of humanity. I could be wrong though.

Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

Wonder Woman fighting Doomsday shouldn't really come to a surprise seeing as how the trailer kinda made you assume that from the first place and also a recent news scoop going into detail about the two characters going at it with each other. But while Wonder Woman and Doomsday fight, I think she realizes the only way to beat him is by clashing her bracelets together as a last resort.

Maybe this scene right here is what stops Doomsday once and for all. Maybe but i have another suggestion.

Trinity moment

I strongly believe we're going to get a moment like this in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, and let me tell you something ladies and gentleman that if we get this type of iconic scene during the battle with Doomsday, I won't know what to do with myself later on in life. I just have a strong feeling that we will see something like this in the film and will ultimately lead to Doomsday being put down and the threat is finally over.

So what did you guys think of my prediction? Did you think it was utter crap or did it leave your heads shaking yes alot, let me know down below on what your exact thoughts are. And if you enjoyed my article make sure to share it and follow my page for more content. Cheers.


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