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Everyone loves comic books. There are so many things put into comics at one time or another that there is one out there for absolutely anybody. But we know they aren't always kid friendly, and there are times when they go too far, and destroy our favourite characters in the most depraved ways possible for us. Please don't read this list if you are squeamish, religious, not comfortable with NSFW, or love superheroes and don't want them destroyed for you forever!

Yes, it will get this bad
Yes, it will get this bad

1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Aside from the 2003 film, the Alan Moore (not the last of him in this list, I promise you) series was also made infamous for the death of the invisible man. He betrayed the team, and understandably this annoyed Dr Jekyll, and annoyed Mr Hyde even more. Mr Hyde, who through some monster heat vision ability was able to see the invisible man, raped him to death. Literally. He raped him... until he was dead. Not exactly what we saw in the film, huh?

2. Ultimatum (Marvel)

For everyone really excited about the Wasp coming into the MCU (at long, long last) you might want to miss this one out.

The Ultimate Marvel Universe was meant to be a grittier kind of world for Marvel heroes, and everyone loved a lot of the time there, before it recently ended in Marvel's Secret Wars event. But there was one time when it got really bad. During the 5 issue series Ultimatum, the whole Ultimates line was almost ruined. Many of the heroes who were fan favourites were killed off during the series, not least of which was The Wasp, who was actually... eaten. Remember the Blob? The big guy from Wolverine: Origins?

That's the one!
That's the one!

Yeah... he ate the Wasp.

3. All Star Batman and Robin

Suddenly this doesn't seem so bad...
Suddenly this doesn't seem so bad...

Frank Miller became a legendary comic book writer for his work on The Dark Knight Returns, which redefined Batman forever, and definitely inspired the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, he also wrote some terrible Batman stories. This series was a redefinition of the relationship between Batman and Robin, where Batman is a terrible person and is fine with killing people. The worst he did was burn a bunch of criminals alive for stealing bleach... that's all they did. Want to know how he burned them alive? Yep, with the bleach. But while he burned them alive, he wasn't paying attention, because he was busy having sex with Black Canary. Why? Because he's Batman.

4. Lost Girls

The whole book is what is so wrong about it. If you don't know, this is... surely one of Alan Moore's most infamous works, about grown up versions of Alice (From Alice in Wonderland), Dorothy (From Wizard of Oz) and Wendy (From Peter Pan). The story is of the three of them hanging out at a resort as World War 1 is starting, talking to each other about their sexual experiences as kids, while having sex with each other. I'm going to put the next bit in spoilers because it is VERY EXPLICIT and you should not click on it if you are below 18. You have been warned.

Dorothy masturbated during a tornado and then got raped by her father, Alice was used for sex by her father's friend at a very young age, and Wendy... had orgies with Peter, her brothers and the lost boys in a park when she was a child.

5. The Avengers

Now, Carol Danvers is one of the most anticipated characters in Marvel's Phase 3, but there was a time when some pretty messed up stuff happened to her too. Back in the seventies, when Carol was gaining huge fan support as Ms Marvel, she woke up one morning in Avengers #200, and found herself pregnant. She had the baby in three days, and the child was fully grown just a few days after that. When fully grown, her child told her that he had gone back in time to the past in order to impregnate her... with himself. It's confusing. But the worst part is that Carol then stayed together with him for some time... despite the rape and being her son...

6. Joker

Obviously I could talk about how the Joker beat Jason Todd with a crowbar and then blew him up, or stripped Batgirl naked and took pictures of her and sent them to her father, but that is nothing compared to the constant terror of the graphic novel entitled "Joker" where he skinned a guy alive and threw him out onto a stripping stage, forced a man to do unspeakable things with a picture of his own daughter, and raped someone. That guy is absolutely terrifying!

7. X-Men

The run that tried to destroy the X-Men forever occurred between issues 410-442, when a man named Chuck Austin was in charge of the comic. He tried to be Alan Moore, but with the X-Men. It was disasterous. Between 2002-2005, he gave a four issue run with no villain, brought in a nurse that can only be described as Annie Wilkes from Misery, tried to make Juggernaut a hero, and made Professor X a horrible person! But worst of all, you know that lovely girl in the team, Jubilee? Yeah, he got a bunch of religious crazies to crucify her. Literally.

So... there's that.

8. Spider-Man

Man, he cries a lot
Man, he cries a lot

Spider-Man fans really get the crap beaten out of them by comic book writers, and through the death of Gwen Stacy, the cloned version of Peter Parker and the death of Aunt May after Civil War, they stuck with it. Spider-Man always had a fairytale relationship with Mary Jane after meeting her, and it was the very core of love stories within the Marvel Universe, rivaled in all of comic books by Superman and Lois Lane. Then Spider-Man made a deal with Mephisto (The Devil) to bring Aunt May back from the dead, in exchange for his marriage. The fairytale marriage was completely gone, and everything burst into hateful tears, and found out that Mephisto wasn't really the devil, Joe Quesada (Chief editor, who ordered the relationship gone) was the real devil.

9. Civil War

It's coming!
It's coming!

Ironman, beloved Marvel comics character, was turned into an insane villain who stopped caring about the wellbeing of all his friends because they didn't believe in the same things as him. Civil War is, in my opinion, one of the best comics storylines ever. Fantastic. But heartbreaking in so many ways. I'll put the rest of this one in spoilers too, just because some of it is potential spoilers for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

So Tony made a clone of Thor, which then went crazy and killed Goliath. He also released villains to help him capture the heroes who weren't on his side, and even went so far as to stop trying to convince the other heroes to join him and started rounding them up and putting them in a prison located in another dimension. He went totally crazy, not caring for any of them, and then at the end of the series he got made head of SHIELD for it all, while Captain America was captured, and soon after assassinated by Crossbones.

That's it. I made it through the writing of this horrific collection of events from acrosss the history of comics. I hope you enjoyed it, because I didn't.

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