ByJustin dobbs, writer at
...lock will be introduced in guardians 2 as Starlords mysterious powerful father mentioned in the first guardians no cocoo he will already be in existence surfer will appear in the Fantastic 4 2 maybe sooner I believe Thor vision was of ragnorok or thanos destroying asgard in search of the the final gem which may be wielded by Hemidall but warlock will still have a direct link to it in the comic series he never truly possess the soul gem he is linked to it somehow therefore being able to keep tabs on thanos plan I believe the time gem will be introduced in Dr Strange no will will be left out they just gave us another badass powerful character w the vision to help w the war but I believe thanos will rip the mind gem from the vision killing him but in the comic everyone dies who attacks thanos but they will brought back to life w the gauntlet like in the comic my hypothesis I mean you can't just replace 2 of the 3 main protagonist in the series it will be interesting to see Dr dooms role in all this as well... and let's not forget the big anticipation like the cosmic entities such as Galactus the watcher the living tribunal the celestials cronos etc....

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