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I'm a huge horror buff, an aspiring actor and a film student in upstate New York!
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With production companies like BlumHouse releasing a large number of horror films these days, it is sometimes easy to miss out on other films that slip under the radar. Films like Insidious, Oculus, Sinister and Evil Dead are good, but what about the movies that either came out in the earlier years, or even ones that just pass us by? We've let many horror movies slip past us that deserve much more attention than they were given. Movies can be destroyed by not having a successful box office and low reviews, but do those reviews really speak for everyone? I've made a list of the top 5 movies that should have more recognition than they already do. Let's kick this list off with:

1. The Children

Think of the movies Children of the Corn and [REC] mixed together. When two families gather together in an upstate estate for Christmas, the children become sick. At first, thinking it's just a fever, the parents lay their children to bed and resume their weekend. What starts out as a fun winter getaway, quickly turns into a weekend of survival as the kids start to try and kill each parent one by one. Although the movie may sound cheesy and unoriginal, it's much more than that. The film does a fantastic job of placing audiences in a believable atmosphere of dread and terror which comes to a riveting climax that will leave young couples reconsidering having a baby.

2. Dead Silence

Ventriloquism first scared me as a child because of R.L. Stine's Night of the Living Dummy, however, Dead Silence made the impression last. Early on, before Insidious and The Conjuring, James Wan told the story of a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw. After Jamie's wife meets a grisly end, he travels back to his hometown to unravel the mystery of the one ventriloquist that was accused of murdering children. What he doesn't realize is that her presence still haunts the small town and is waiting patiently for the right time to get revenge on everyone that accused her.

3. The House of The Devil

For fans of 70s and 80s horror movies, this particular film should be a celebration! Shot on equipment that was used back in the 80s, this film has more going for it than any other throwback film. For a story that takes place in the 80s, writer and director Ti West knew all the techniques and had the visionary elements to bring this tale to life. After taking the opportunity to house sit one evening, college student Samantha Hughes realizes that this evening may be more than just your average house visit. After exploring the sinister house, Samantha soon unravels a dark secret the owners are hiding and have plans to use her, dead or alive.

4. Cenicienta (Cinderella)

This Korean film isn't your average tale of the girl who lived with her evil stepmother and then married a handsome prince. The daughter of a plastic surgeon is the envy of her peers, but when several of them die under mysterious circumstances, Hyunsu will discover the ghastly secrets behind her beauty. The movie is a very interesting and unique tale. It might be a bit slower than the average horror movies nowadays, but the best advice that could be given before viewing this film would be to pay attention to the details. This is one movie that makes you think and question the option of plastic surgery.

5. The Tunnel

I'm sure we can all agree that the horror genre has been taken over by the found-footage approach after the success of Paranormal Activity. It's rare that we come across found-footage films that actually grasp audiences attention and successfully satisfy us. A film crew learns of a government cover-up and investigates abandoned subway tunnels that are home to something sinister. Though it is labeled as a horror film, it very well could be a legitimate documentary. The film's story is what is most captivating about it and it definitely delivers not only the story, but the scares as well.


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