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While the supposed teams for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) were announced some time ago, nothing has been confirmed, and Jeremy Renner may have just taken care of part of that for us at Wizard Con!

During an interview which included many questions about his role as Hawkeye, Renner was asked by an audience member how he felt about siding with Captain America, to which Renner replied:

I don't know, they wrote me in that side. It made sense to me."

So that definitely seems like confirmation that we will be seeing Hawkeye on the side of the first avenger, and it also kind of confirms another Avenger's allegiances, specifically:

It may mean Black Widow is on Ironman's side!

We know from transcripts of the D23 footage from Civil War that Black Widow and Hawkeye appear to be on different side of the battle. There was a line Widow says that is something along the lines of:

"Does this mean we're still friends?"

And, although it is likely that one of them is actually a spy (probably Widow) this does give us some idea of one of the personal battles in the fight scenes that we will see during the battle. Unfortunately, it also may raise Hawkeye's chances of dying in the film, because in the original comic series it was one of Cap's side who died, sparking many to sympathize with him. The funeral of that hero was a major moment, and though a Hawkeye TV show is the thing I want to see most in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, I am afraid that being on Cap's side is a dangerous place to be. If someone on his side shall die (and I mean aside from Cap) then it won't be Winter Soldier, Scarlett Witch or Ant-Man, and is unlikely to be Falcon. That leaves our favourite wise cracking archer.

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Will Hawkeye die in Civil War?


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