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As tonight is the series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, here are some things you should know before its starts tonight: Including the trailer, right below:

#1. A Possible Crossover Between The Walking Dead Might Happen!

Rumored to have a crossover with season 6 of the walking dead.

Now this is only a rumor but its not unlikely to be hodgepodge. As Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead creator) has stated:

Fear The Walking Dead will be going from the very beginning of the outbreak, to the point where The Walking Dead begins.

But Kirkman has already said that its

Set in the same world as The Walking Dead featuring different characters in a different place.

#2. We Finally Get To See Whats Going On Else Where In The U.S.!

Takes place in L.A which gives us our first look at the West Coast in The Walking Dead Universe.

Originally rumored to be set in rural Pennsylvania while in early development. The setting was instead placed in Los Angeles, a stark contrast to Georgia.

#3. Some Even More Really Exciting News!

Already renewed for a second season.

#4. Something Interesting!

Before the title was decided, filming was done under the code title "Cobalt". On March 27th the title was confirmed as "Fear the Walking Dead".

Fear the Walking Dead starts tonight, August 23rd, on AMC at 9/8C.

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