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While taking a break from acting for his WWE debut, Stephen Amell and his tag team partner for tonight's monster showdown against King Barrett and Stardust were interviewed by the WWE Network. While the interview was mostly about the match itself, one twitter question asked Amell about what we could expect from Arrow Season 4. His answer was very interesting:

"Oh from Arrow, from season 4 of Arrow. I think that we are living in a bit of a bigger world this year, on Arrow, bit of a bigger universe. Getting into some stuff, some mystical things that I think that fans of Green Arrow are going to, especially the fans of Green Arrow: Year On, are really going to appreciate."

Well now, that is an interesting response, especially for long time fans of Green Arrow comics, who are sure to be much happier with this upcoming season than the previous three. The strange thing about Amell's comments is that the graphic novel he mentions has already had a big influence on the show, but it all took place on the island where he was stranded, and was about the rich playboy being marooned there, making makeshift bow and arrows and defeating China White (who has appeared multiple times in the three seasons of Arrow). This begs the question is Amell referring to the flashback portion of the show? Which would mean that the main villain in the flashbacks could be China White this year? The Year One storyline ends with Oliver returning to Star City and taking up the mantle of Green Arrow, so there isn't much else that inspiration could be drawn from except for his fight against China White on the island.

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Do you think Oliver will take on China White in the flashbacks of Season 4?


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