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Point the first: of course the studios are only in it for the money. They're in BUSINESS. The point of business is to make a profit. I don't care what business that is, the point of it is to make money. Naturally a large portion of the movies the studio makes are going to be things that are intended to be profitable. Do you know why big studios finance small independent films through imprints? To find the next crop of talent. Not for art. It's to shine the light in a dark place and dig up the next big actor or director and give them name recognition. They're looking for Christian Bale in American Psycho so they can cast him as Batman. Point the second: There are plenty of non super-hero movies without a good story, too. The majority of independent films suck, that's why people who decide what movies to make for a living passed them up. However, the independent movie scene is getting a little better, because a lot of creators are tired of the Hollywood formula. If one of these movies is good enough, it gets discovered. One of my personal movies I've seen recently was The Way, Way Back. Wonderful movie. Sam Rockwell was fantastic in it. Internet streaming and the sneer number of digital channels starving for content are a good thing for indy films. If they're good enough, they'll be discovered. Point the third: "Nobody will hire me as a director." That's all this is. That's the point of this whole post, and you tried to hide it under legitimate concerns. You know how I know that this bullet point was your agenda? You spent the most time on it. Studios won't hand big budget projects over to unproven directors? For one, that's nothing restricted to the superhero genre. No major studio is going to give some schmuck $100M and a few cameras to go shoot a script. Though I would argue that Jon Favreau wasn't particularly a household name when he shot Iron Man. But that aside, there's always a dominant genre at the box office that a hundred different people rush to make a copy of because that formula worked. Consider the noir films in the era of Bogard, the elaborate song and dance musicals produced in the time of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley and Julie Andrews. How about the millions of westerns that sprung up around the heyday of John Wayne? Or the effects-driven action vehicles of the 80's and 90's. There's always something that is the big thing in the room, but you know what? Other movies get made around them, and if they're good enough, those movies do well. Entertainment is a copycat world, it's not just in film. That's why there were about 40 different forensic procedurals that sprung up in the early 2000's. That's why Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Shakira; N Sync, The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and Take That were all popular at the same time. Because formula is the safe investment. But in the midst of all of that, people take measured chances. That's why the 90's also gave us things like Beck and the Foo Fighters. That's why a quirky sit com about four PhDs living next to a clueless waitress was greenlit and eventually became the hottest show in television. Don't blame super heroes for the copycat nature of Hollywood, it's been going on since Hollywood was built. It's not Tony Stark's fault.

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