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Arvin John Galeno

After filming in Germany the whole [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) set moves to a different location for the film's shoot. But before they left this country a big rumor arose.

Civil War cast
Civil War cast

According to Heroic Hollywood, Spider Man (Tom Holland) is on that country doing one of his biggest fights in this film. Which is, his battle against Captain America.

This one is very much expected to happen in this film, however, knowing that Marvel will base this movie on everything that the Civil War storyline in the comics has, hopefully they can pull it off perfectly.

What I mean is that, if this scene has to be bloody, gritty and action packed, then let it be. If that's what it takes to satisfy audiences. We don't want to see a serious scene being pushed to be have a comic look, hope they learned what happened in The Punisher.

Going back, based on the storyline, Spidey will be first against Cap but after he discovers Stark's plot he then joined Cap's side after almost getting killed and being saved by Frank Castle.

Ok then! Are you now more excited for this???You should be!

Is this rumor true? Well' it should be.



Whose side are you on?


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