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Months ago, when Stephen Amell, star of CW's Arrow, started a feud with the WWE wrestler Stardust, I never thought it would end with him and his partner Neville beating Stardust and King Barrett in an epic tag-team match! But it did, and here is the story of how the match, and the victory, came to be!

It all started with a war of words, mostly on social media. You can see the full development of the rivalry here, but the gist is that:

  • Amell went to WWE, where, after losing to Neville, Stardust singled Amell out in the crowd and hissed at him. In a post match interview, Stardust claimed that the Green Arrow was his new rival, and renamed his finishing move "The Queen's crossbow."
  • Stardust ignited a war on Twitter, and two weeks later screamed at the camera after a match "I know your secret Stephen!" Insinuating that he didn't want to fight Amell, he wanted to fight the Green Arrow.
  • Amell went to SDCC this year in his new Green Arrow costume for Season 4, and called it his first WWE promo.
  • The Miz (another WWE wrestler) ignited a war with Stephen Amell on Twitter.
  • Stardust made his return to WWE, and after beating Neville in a match, called out Amell, saying he was next.
  • The social media war was reignited, and it only got more vicious, Stardust threatening to break Amell's nose, and Amell threatening to come to Raw and punch Stardust in the mouth.
  • While accusing Stardust of stealing a Star Trek logo, William Shatner told the wrestler to be nice to Amell.
  • After beating another R-Truth at Smackdown, Stardust yelled at him "R-Truth! You have failed this city!"
  • After Neville lost a match, Stardust said in an interview, "Oh Neville, if you will not be my hero..." he then paused to pretend to draw an arrow from a quiver and fire it, "Then who will?"
  • When it was announced Amell would be the special guest at an episode of Raw, the war intensified, with Amell commenting on Stardust's poor form, and Stardust using the hashtag:

After that, it got real. Amell came to Raw, and, somewhat inevitably, this happened.

The war had its final battle set, and with stars like Trish Stratus supporting Amell on Twitter, and Amell reaching one million Twitter followers (which he attributed to Stardust's face) the battle was hotter than ever!

After another match, Neville was in the middle of an interview when this happened.

And as the days counted down, King Barrett and Stardust continued their smear campaign against Amell.

Some good has come from the rivalry, with Amell launching a t-shirt campaign that has already raised over $100,000 for charity.

Then it all reached the final point. Tonight the epic showdown came, and all that had occurred before was made irrelevant. After arriving in a Green Arrow suit, the match began.

After a truly epic match, where Amell took quite a beating and looked nearly down and out, this happened!

And that, my friends, is how this comic book story of hero vs. villain came to a fitting end. Amell destroyed the pair, and Neville used his signature finishing move "The Red Arrow" to bring victory to him and "The Green Arrow."

Also, in case you think wrestling is all fake, take a look at Amell's most recent tweet.

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