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[WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the 'Civil War' comic arc and potential spoilers for Captain America: Civil War]

With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) finally ending its principle photography, us fans have gotten all the set photos we will receive until the trailer comes out. It is now time for fans to contemplate how different or similar the movie will be to its comic book origin.

While researching the comic arc for 'Civil War' myself, I suddenly remembered one enormous moment of the war that has been overlooked:

The death of Bill Foster a.k.a Goliath

This scene occurred during the first of two big battles in the war. Desperate for a victory, Tony Stark calls in the untested and unfinished clone of Thor to fight Cap's team. The clone, however, proved itself uncontrollable when it fails to stop fighting even after being told to. The clone ended up blasting an enormous hole straight through Goliath, who was on Cap's team.

This moment changed the war completely. It made many people who were on Iron Man's side switch to Cap's side after seeing how reckless he had become. It also made people on Cap's side switch over to Iron Man's once they realized that they did not want the same thing happening to them.

Where could we see this in the movie?

It's safe to say, due to the lack of casting calls, that we will not be seeing Goliath on-screen in this film. However, we will most likely see his abilities. Goliath is able to change his size from normal stature into a much larger form, growing around 20 to 30 feet in height. The thing is, we already have a size shifting hero who is able to change his size, even recently experimenting with growing larger...


The climax of Ant-Man featured him changing the technical aspects of his belt in order to grow instead of shrink. It is believed that this is foreshadowing that he will soon master the ability of growing his scale larger than normal too, instead of just smaller.

This factor could make him an easy replacement for Goliath in Captain America: Civil War. But, I'm not just going to argue this based on his abilities. There's more of a reason than that...

The emotional toll of a dead Ant-Man

By the time we get to the events of the anticipated Civil War, Ant-Man will only have just started to be known by the rest of the superhuman community. His death would be an enormous and painful shock to those who he already knows. Cap, Falcon and anyone else on Cap's side would all be devastated. His death on its own would also be a big shock to those who don't yet know him well enough, because, so far, only one superhero has ever died. This would make two. Also, it would probably not mean much to Tony Stark, he would be too focused on his master plan to feel guilty over the death of some rogue guy who can shrink.

This would be a surprising treat for the audience as well. Most people would assume that this character will survive the film since he's new and has already had his own movie to continue building off of. Killing him off would throw the audience for a loop and add more emotional depth to the film. In fact, those who loved Ant-Man the movie will most likely feel infuriated at Iron Man for causing the death of this new superhero full of potential.

It would also be convenient for Marvel financially

Though Ant-Man was a very well made film, it is Marvel's second lowest grossing film of the MCU. The only one beneath it is The Incredible Hulk. Though many fans are sure to call for an Ant-Man sequel, Marvel may very well choose not to in favor of a more popular character. Though Ant-Man has many abilities specific to him, his roles in later films can easily be performed by Wasp instead who shares the same abilities, but can also fly.

Sorry Scott, but you can't fly on your own
Sorry Scott, but you can't fly on your own

Scott Lang may be a funny character, but he is not essential to the MCU and will most likely not get his own standalone film again. Killing him off in Captain America: Civil War would not only be a smart sacrifice for Marvel, but it would also help the plot extraordinarily. As much as I hate to say it, Ant-Man may only have one appearance left on-screen. But it may be worth it if it makes Captain America: Civil War that much better.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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