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If you haven’t seen Rachel Puchkoff’s hilarious series Wildcats yet, do yourself a favour and click this link. Skipping it entirely, you’d miss a brilliantly written and highly amusing five-episode comedy but also a brilliant turn by one Linnea Sage.

We caught up with Linnea to talk about the success of this online gem.

How did you get involved in Wildcats?

About three years ago, Rachel Puchkoff (the writer and director) was casting the first iteration of WILDCATS, which was a short film. The main character, Allison, was based on herself, so it really helped that we look alike. She had also gotten a great recommendation for me from a mutual friend, whose film I had worked on the year before. After we shot the short for WILDCATS she started raising money to shoot the series. Two years later, when she was ready, every single cast member was so dedicated to the project, that we all came back to shoot the series.

Wonderful! Did you produce it, too?

While WILDCATS has been an extremely collaborative process, I’m not a producer of it. I am extremely proud of it and love promoting it. It’s a hilarious series with a great message.

And this was always designed to be a web series... or was there a time when it was constructed to possibly be a backdoor pilot for a TV show?

Rachel had the idea to make it into a webseries after the short film. There is so much you can do with online content, and you’re really free to explore and figure out what your audience is going to respond to. The series format really took off. It’s short and sweet, funny, and hard to stop watching.

A scene from WILDCATS
A scene from WILDCATS

It so is! Did you find the viewership increased fast or steadily as the episodes were released? It’s obviously got quite a fan base, now!

It was a steady growth, but we got some exciting celebrity fans early on, which jumpstarted our numbers in the first few days. We were also recognized by a lot of influential blogs in the LGBT community, which really got the word out. It’s awesome to see new people and places discovering the series all the time.

How would you describe your character?

Allison is your typical loud-mouth, suburban teenager. She’s passionate about cheerleading and also has a really solid group of friends. Like any teenager, she’s figuring out what makes her different. Instead of suppressing those differences, she’s using them to stand up for herself and her team.

Linnea Sage is winning raves for WILDCATS
Linnea Sage is winning raves for WILDCATS

Were you familiar with the world of cheerleading?

I actually was a cheerleader for a bit growing up. I was never competitive, but I could shake a pom pom.

Great! What is it about cheerleading that lends itself so great to comedy?

That’s a great question! I’ve never thought about that, but it really does. I’ll have to watch “Bring it On” again and get back to you on that one.

How important as a marketing tool is the internet, particularly with a web series like Wildcats?

Gotta love hashtags! But seriously, when you have great content, with an important message, people want to spread the word. It’s all about putting it out there and getting it in front of the people you think will enjoy it.

Have you had anyone confused the web series for the old Goldie Hawn movie of the same name, yet? (It’s so longer that possibly nobody remembers it!)

That hasn’t come up yet, but I have had people ask me how I liked working with Ashley Tisdale, who was in a drama series called “Hellcats” a few years ago.

Oh, of course! See, I forgot about that! What’s next for you, Linnea?

I’m not able to talk about my most recent opportunities, at this time, as they are still in production, but you can always check out Linnea.NYC for my updates!

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