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After "patiently" waiting for almost a year for details, the studio behind Batman vs Superman is finally letting out news on the highly anticipated movie. While not all of the news is significant, a lot of turns out to be important in one form or another. After some lackluster news last year, Warner Bros has been ramping up the hype by releasing teaser for the teaser trailers, teaser trailers, trailers, and tons of stills from the movie. But while we learn about the inclusion of certain elements, like Kryptonite, in the movie, we don't know how they'll be used. Or do we?

Lex Luthor Has Kryponite - But Will He Use It?

It's no secret that one of Superman's greatest enemies has his greatest weakness in this movie. From a single shot in the trailer, we see Lex Luthor has a fairly large chunk of Kryptonite, no doubt to be used on his nemesis. But just because he has it and intends to use it on Superman, doesn't mean he does. Why? Because of the goddamn Batman.

That Batman/Lexcorp Break In Rumour

By now you've probably hear the rumour that there will be a massive Lexcorp break in, orchestrated (naturally) by the Dark Knight to steal the Krypronite. He'll probably also find out about Luthor's plans with Zod here, something he relays to Superman when they're pals again. It's safe to assume that Batman takes the Kryptonite before the big fight right? Well besides maybe lacing his suit with it, we know something new - something brutal - that Batman plans to do with it.

Kryptonite Cannons!

It doesn't get more hardcore than that does it? Batman breaking into his enemy's enemy's company, probably getting past dozens of security barriers and guards, stealing an alien rock that can cripple Superman, safely getting out, finding a way to lace your suit with it, then adding cannons to your freaking tank to shoot it around.

Will They Ever Be Used, Though?

From all the shots that we've seen from the Batmobile (non toy versions of course), the bright green rock shooters have been noticeably absent. It could be because Warner Bros is trying to cover up this surprise, or it could just be because it's just a cool addition for the toy, and nothing else. I mean, we didn't see this in Age of Ultron:

Hopefully, it's the first one and that it's just been digitally removed from the trailers (I checked - that's a thing).


What do you think? Will the Batmobile be firing Kryptonite at Superman next year?


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