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I watch movies from time to time.
Hugo Patino-Cano

Okay real quick here, this is going to be a very unpopular opinion and you are going to think "Well if you don't like them just don't watch it" I get it man, moving on. I am getting tired of all of these Cinematic Universes. I was fine with it when Marvel was the only one doing it. It felt new and refreshing at the time, back in 2012. The first time we got to see all of these characters, that had their own movies, in the same film felt special. We never had anything like it before. And people clearly liked it, The Avengers went on to make over a billion dollars. So then Warner Brothers realized they can actually make a shit load of money off of their DC characters. So what they decide to do? Another Cinematic Universe. But this time it would happen even faster, instead of having all of these characters get their own movie and have them developed before putting them all together, they decided to just jam in all these characters all together right away. And thus we have Batman v. Superman: Dawn of the Terrible Title, that had to follow the underwhelming Man of Steel and this gloomy, and overall boring, tone it set for the entire universe. Fine, whatever, it was going to happen eventually. But Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, taking it off the hands of George Lucas who drove the franchise into the ground. So Disney has Star Wars now, and what do they decide to do? You guessed it, another Cinematic Universe. And they plan to have a Star Wars movie for the next, what was it? 40 years or something. First off, I am not a huge Star Wars fan like 99% of the people who have watched it. I did not grow up with it, only saw it recently so my memories of it aren't as great as for those of you who did grow up with it. I honestly think A New Hope is a, while fun, bad movie. George Lucas is a bad director, and an even worse writer, and he had a lot of input from actors and editors that made Star Wars halfway decent but he didn't have that during the prequels. Anyway, a Cinematic Universe for Star Wars? Why? Just have the sequels, there is no need for spin offs. The characters who should be developed are already developed there is no rhyme or reason to have all of these spin offs other than money. Just thinking about all of these Star Wars movies makes me sick. This Cinematic Universes have gotten so out of hand that there was a rumor at one point that there was going to be a Cinematic Universe for Ghostbusters. I mean seriously? Even the original guys, Marvel, has been showing cracks in the Cinematic Universe. With Age of Ultron being underwhelming and just focused on setting up sequels to make more money. Marvel has already planned sequels for the next 10 years, won't people get tired of this eventually, like we always do?


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