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My very first post on Moviepilot was about how much I enjoyed watching The Terminator films for the first time and what I thought of each one of them. You can read that right here. One of the things I touched on was how the planned sequel to Terminator Genisys was now doubtful. After a very mediocre opening weekend, the film proved to have practically no legs/staying power and topped out at just under $90 million domestically and a little over $300 million worldwide. For $155 million budget film, that amount simply isn't enough to automatically warrant a sequel. The general saying is that a movie should make 2.5X its budget to be considered profitable and by that measure, Terminator Genisys would have to gross close to $390-400 million. Due to recent developments, this might just be possible.

The film finally released in China and made $27.4 million there on its opening day, according to Scott Mendelson of Forbes (Click for source article) and now stands at a worldwide total of $342 million. To contrast, the opening day in North America for the movie came in at just below $9 million. Even if the film proceeds to make 3.5-4X of its opening day in China, it'll cruise past the $400 million mark. This could very well mean that Paramount considers moving ahead with the planned sequel for this franchise. However, since studios receive less of a share of the profits from China releases, it's also possible that the film's over performance in China might not prove to Paramount that future Terminator films are worth the money. Either way, we'll probably know very soon as the movie really stretches its muscles in China and we see how far it climbs.

I personally would want to see a sequel, because I believe franchises should end on a high note in a satisfying manner and not go out in disappointing fashion. There is a lot of constructive criticism on Terminator Genisys. If moving forward, Paramount hires the right director for the job who can take it all in to account and give the fans what they want, I'd be happy to watch another instalment!

What about you, would you be willing to give the franchise another shot if the fan's complaints are addressed and we get a much better film? Sound off in the poll and comments below!


Would you be in for a well made Terminator sequel?


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