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What scares you the most? For me, it's the dark or anything in the dark that goes boo! And I'm not talking about Casper the Friendly ghost here. I'm talking about real ghost, the ones who need to cross over. And let me tell ya, they are not like what you see on TV, or in the Hollywood movies you go and watch, and those darn kiddies shows they show through the month of October and into Halloween night. They don't show up all the time, they do it when you least expect it. Some times they come when your sleeping or working. Last year I was attacked by an evil spirit. I wont get to much into it now maybe at a later date. This is about movies so I have to stick to them right? Well maybe I can go off the beaten path a little bit. So this is my welcome letter and some what of a introduction letter in away.... I know what scares me, so what scares you? Tell me about it =0) Write in the comment box. I do answer back =0) I also write back to anyone with a question and suggestions I'm open to them =0)

The Castle I would live in If I was the Count D
The Castle I would live in If I was the Count D

And I don't bite.....Well maybe a little, I have to sink my fangs into something.... after all, I'm a thousand year-old =0P


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