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I first watched this movie when I was in my teens(late) It was on TV, part of the Saturday Movie marathon back when cable was cool and the station actually showed cool movies... It scared the living shit out of me! Then I fell in love with it, sorry boys this piece of work was my first love.... Then I bought the movie and loved it even more. I thought this was one of the best slasher films out there that depicted a Homicidal Maniac with a mask not showing his face all to much. This movie did not have a big budget, It had not so well known actors except for one well known British actor(Donald P). This was Jamie L Curtis first ever big movie role. This put her on the map and made her the scream queen! Later she starred in the second installment of the series, and of course the first Prom night. Mr. Carpenter made this film work he was innovative no one had ever made this kind of movie before where it is seen through the eyes of the killer and the good old pan and scan effect. Without this film you would not have your Jasons or your Freddies or any of those modern day killers. The movie is mind blowing! No one can ever do anything like it!

So If you want to watch something classic and vintage or want to get into the franchise start with Halloween the original one not the remake, and you will be happy as a clam that you did. To me the original is always the best, Hollywood please leave this film alone!

I give this movie a Ten out of Ten =0)

The Night he came home and into your  bedrooms....
The Night he came home and into your bedrooms....

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