ByPaula Smith, writer at
...Happiest Place on Earth? Where else can you take your family for good, clean, fun, even if a little expensive, entertainment? Online? The garbage you try to emphasize here is not the point - not true (I worked there for more than three years) and is exaggerated for the story. Do you want to hear from and publicize stories from a disgruntled and unappreciative employee, and publish their bitterness? Or could you instead talk about the millions of families and children that actually look forward to, and enjoy an overall happy family time together? In a place where you can relax, enjoy being outside and the wholesome entertainment experience these parks can offer without worrying about crime, and foul language and drinking children sometimes see at ball barks? Why don't you write about things to be happy about - rather than trying to ruin things for everyone else to get likes, shares and traffic for your website. We are all responsible for what we put out there. Uncool. And disappointing.

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