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Fantastic four is third movie based on Marvel comics Fantastic Four and afresh reboot for the Franchise but movie rights being owned by 20th Century Fox and are made by them and do not fit into MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), The earlier two movies were fun light hearted movies, apparently I enjoyed watching them even though it was panned by critics. I was looking forward to this movie when it was announced to be directed by Chronicle director Josh Trank, which was a really good movie. The movie released in my region two weeks later than the worldwide release, there were lot of controversies surrounding the movie and people all over the world calling the movie to be a piece of shit.

Fantastic Four, the team of superheros with Reed Richards is Mr.Fantastic who can stretch his body, Johnny Storm is the Human torch who can set himself on fire, fly and throw fire at will, Susan Storm is the Invisible Girl(Can go Invisible at will and can project Force fields and can fly in it) and Ben Grimm as The Thing (Stony Hulk like character.) The Cast of the movie is brilliant Miles Teller(Whiplash), Michael B Jordon(Fruitvale Station and upcoming Rocky movie series spin off Creed which is exciting as he play son of Apollo Creed), Kate Mara and Jamie BELL (King Kong and Jumper) and Toby Kebbel as main Antagonist Victor Van Doom.

Plot is about a super genius kid being provided scholarship to build inter-dimensional travel machine, when the four young kids build the machine and it works the people who FUNDED it wants it to hand it over to NASA but these kids gets drunk and wants to be the first ones to travel in it and make name for themselves and when they do travel to another dimension and shit happens there killing one of them and other return back barely alive but with unknown powers and now government hold them in Area 51 and to find cure they decide to go back they find the guy who was left behind isn't dead actually but alive and powerful and physically morphed to something else and does not like earth anymore.

After watching the Chronicle before walking into the movie i knew what to expect the dark version of Fantastic four more time on character development, actually first half of the movie was int resting and more believable and started with lot of promise up until people ending up with powers, even though movie was panned all over the world i walked into the movie wanting to like and enjoy the movie first half was not as bad as what i thought then comes the second half nothing just happens the climatic Battle which the whole movie seems to have set up is lame and does work at all, the people as a team i just cant buy them its not interesting there no no emotional attachment to any characters or the team itself for some reason nothing works here even when all of the cast has acted really well.

The problem with going in dark direction rather than cheesy comedic over the top actions are really risky, this is what happened in this movie, consider Transformer age of extinction where its a shitty movie without any depth but made over 1billion dollar worldwide but why does this movie fail so miserably? The transformers directed by Michael Bay even though there are not good movie they never cheat their audience of cool special effects and lengthy battle which are treat to watch on big screen, but in Fantastic the actions are so dark even in colour it has this dull moment attached it to and you do not seem to enjoy any bit of it, with hero's as such in fantastic four with their powers the audience expect lot of action and fun but when a movie doe not give you that no wonder it fails miserable. Its like you cannot make a spider man movie where he files from building to building just once but with awesome actions which perfectly fit into a great story and very motivation villain you get movies like Dark Knight.

The villain Victor Van Doom was interesting up until he was human and all of a sudden when he is turned to Doctor Doom it was all doomed from then, He had no motivation he was brought back to earth but he said he never wanted to return when you don't want to return why come in the first place, he look were horrible he was shitty as hell, nothing to describe why it was too bad, for some reason nothing works here. In the end scene when they call themselves the Fantastic four it was so miserable i was praying that they do not say that.


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