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Hello everyone! I'm back. It's been a while (a very long while) but I'm back doing this MP thing because I've regained the urge to start doing these posts now. I've been busy with Culinary School (just graduated!) and just been busy with that kind of stuff. But I've been staying in the loop of all the DC/Marvel news and just had to get back into this to because I have A LOT to talk about over these next couple of posts.

This post in particular has to do with the news of Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns supposedly constructing a script for a new Batman trilogy. If you ask me, that's amazing news! Wish it was Scott Snyder, but still great news!

If Batfleck were to make his own trilogy, here's how I would like it to go:

Batman: Under The Red Hood (Movie 1 of 3)

Now with the release of the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) Comic-Con Trailer, a lot of key Easter eggs were shown; my favorite being the Jason Todd Robin costume which signifies that this Batman will have Robins in this trilogy. It is evident that Joker killed Robin, which leads people to believe that a Red Hood movie is definitely on it's way. Here's how I'd do it.


Keeping in mind that this Batman, according to Zack Snyder, is 45 or 46 and has been Batman for 20 years, I'm going to start this movie showing off the Bats/Todd relationship as a flashback, and how well they worked together, despite Todd being a hothead and a rebel. During this flashback, it also shows the infamous scene where the Joker gets a hold of him and "kills" him - just like in the comics, and also how it was depicted in the animated version. This (let's say 20 minute opening montage "Watchmen-style") scene sets up the entire rest of the movie.

You gotta have this pic translated into live-action
You gotta have this pic translated into live-action

We cut now to present day and Bruce Wayne, mid-forties, has slowed his role when it comes to the Caped Crusader. Wayne Enterprises is being run by Dick Grayson (my sort of spin) who also patrols Gotham as Nightwing. He's sort of running the show. They have scenes where Dick and Bruce talk about how Bruce has been different since Todd and how they can move on for the better.

At this time, we introduce the audience to the movie's main villain:


Some villains need their silver-screen time to shine, and Black Mask is one of them. He's not so fantastical that you just can't have him in live-action, and he can translate well into this gritty DCEU. Arkham Origins really opened up eyes to Black Mask's potential on the big screen, and that (plus another reason I'll explain later) is why I chose him to be the main villain in this movie.

Anyway, back to the plot:

Black Mask is the ultimate crime lord in Gotham City and has a lot of people on his payroll (good and bad). He also has run-ins with the Red Hood, who makes his first appearance since seeing Jason Todd in the opening sequence. Batfleck and TRH cross paths while investigating Black Mask's plans. Batfleck wants to put a stop to things, and Red Hood has his own agenda. He plans to take over crime in Gotham City while starting his own criminal empire. It's an all-out war between TRH and Black Mask, with Batman caught in the middle.

Just imagine this scene brought to life.
Just imagine this scene brought to life.

This leaves, Batfelck, Nightwing, and Oracle to investigate into this Red Hood character and slowly put together the information needed to realize it's Jason Todd. He sends Nightwing to put a stop to Black Mask's plans while he goes after TRH. Oracle... does Oracle pretty much.

It comes down to an all out war at a park (similar to War Games) where Black Mask's crew and TRH's crew go at it with Batman and Nightwing in the middle. The fight breaks up, which leads to a chase after Black Mask. NW goes after him, Batfleck goes after TRH. After he apprehends him, he reveals himself as Jason Todd and goes into a story about how he got this way. TRH and Batfleck have a fight scene which ends in Batman having the upper hand, but TRH escaping, continuing his outlaw ways.

He then joins Nightwing in the pursuit of Black Mask, taking down his henchmen and ultimately bringing down his criminal empire.

Juicy details to set-up sequels:

  • In the 1st scene where we introduce Black Mask, he is seen having a heated confrontation with Victor Fries about repaying debts. He's borrowed money to help his sick wife and can't repay the dues it takes to do so. His goons throw him out, and that's the last we see of Victor... for now.
  • We also get to see a few short scenes with Jared Leto's Joker, as he's the reason for the whole Red Hood fiasco that starts the movie. Other scenes will set up future Batman films and confrontations.
  • Superman also appears during a scene in which they discuss Justice League potential.


Due to a lot of these characters already being cast, it makes the fancast that much easier.

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman: Ben Affleck
  • Jim Gordon: Bryan Cranston
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle
  • Joker
  • Black Mask

Stay tuned for sequels!


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