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Everything about him is pretty awesome and he is the only comic-book character I have ever dressed as more then once. That said, Wolverine should be number one. Gambit is without a doubt one of the greatest X-men ever but Wolverine is one of the greatest fictional characters ever. So Wolvie #1 and Gambit #2 then I would go something like Angel, Colossus, Fantomex, Nightcrawler, Doctor Nemisis, Rouge, and Beast, but those are all pretty close to tied in my head so the exact order doesn't really matter. Also I don't think kitty pryde is underrated at all, every comic book nerd I know loves her and they all say she is underrated. Who is providing all this underrating everyone is talking about? I think its a misconception because no one dresses up as kitty pryde (but lets face it she is pretty generic looking compared to everyone else) but really everyone agrees she is awesome (not in my top ten but still awesome) Also I don't like Cyclops at all and never did, I've been reading x-men comics since I could read and there has only been a handful of moments in all these years that I liked what he was doing. He just got his own comic last year for the first time. Think about that, he is one of the original X-men and it took him over 50 years to get his name on the cover of a comic (something everybody else on your list did before him). I like Prof. X but he is kind of overrated in my opinion and before you freak out let me explain how I rate comic book characters. #1-Appearance, we are talking COMIC BOOKS here, a predominantly visual form of media, if your character isn't taking advantage of that CMYK and looking awesome doing it then I might as well be reading a novel. #2 - Personality, its what really keeps the comic interesting on every page. Its what turns strangers into acquaintances into friends into best-friends etc. But this really depends on the writer, depending how long a character has been around his/her personality may have changed a lot. #2.5-Static vs. Dynamic, this could kind of tie in with personality but doesn't have to. Character change is universally preferred, it not only makes them more interesting, it makes them more relatable. Most people change quite a bit over the years, some change quite a bit over night, that's life. #3- Backstory, most comic book characters have some origin story of how they went from an ordinary person to a superhero/supervillain (or somebody worth reading about). That's one reason I don't count this as part of a Dynamic character, also I find it sad when the only big change with the character is their origin. When I see character that has his/her origin, then is pretty much the same for 50 years, then they die (then they come back and are pretty much the same for another 50 years) It just seems like a waste. #4- Powers, the skills, talents, or abilitys that make these characters capable of superheroism/supervillainy. These are the direct results of the origin. This is my least important criteria because most characters have a few and they can literally be anything. I'm bet you can think of a character you like and a character you hate that have similar or the same "powers". Under these standards he has only really excelled in backstory, and that's just because he is older. He had a lot of time to do stuff before the X-men, where a lot of the x-men where just kids or teens (born with the "x-gene") that one day got powers and where scooped up by the Prof. I could rant about comics all day, unfortunately I need to sleep sometimes so I'm calling it a night.

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