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For just $99 a year Amazon Prime offers so many perks, one of which is an unbelievable selection of movies and television shows not available on Netflix! Here are some awesome television shows you must check out with your Amazon Prime subscription:

The Americans

Number Of Seasons: 3 , Seasons Available On Prime: 2

Critically-acclaimed FX drama The Americans is a must watch! The show stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who appear to be a normal couple with two children working as travel agents in the United States in 1981. But in reality they are undercover Soviet spies called upon to accomplish a variety of dangerous missions. The danger is multiplied when counter intelligence FBI agent Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) moves in across the street.

The show features a great amount of action and violence, but above all suspense. It's definitely a show to check out when the kids are tucked into their beds!

Season 4 is expected to drop in 2016, only on FX!


Number Of Seasons: 3 (Cancelled) Seasons Available On Prime: 2

If you aren't watching Hannibal, you most certainly should be! As a huge fan of The Silence of the Lambs I was honestly a bit skeptical about the show, but the end result exceeded my expectations!

The series is created by Bryan Fuller and stars Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. Season 1 is set before the events of Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. In fact the series is centered on Will Graham, a criminal profiler who is brought into the FBI field by Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), along with psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, in order to help him track down a gruesome serial killer.

The show has delightful twists and turns that will leave you speechless!

Please Note: Season 3, which will be the last season due to the shows recent cancellation, is still being aired on NBC so it's currently not available on Prime.

Under The Dome

Number Of Seasons: 3 Seasons Available On Prime: 3

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Under The Dome was originally set to be a one season mini-series. The show was later extended after such a successful first season.

Under The Dome centers around a small town named Chester's Mill, where an indestructible dome suddenly cuts residents off from the rest of the world. With a limited supply of food, no internet or radio communication, and no way out, the people of Chester's Mill find their own way to survive.

The show stars Mike Vogel (as Dale Barbara, also known as Barbie), Rachelle Lefevre (as Julia Shumway), Colin Robertson (as Joe McAlister), Mackenzie Lintz (as Norrie Calvert-Hill), and Dean Norris (as James Rennie, also known as Big Jim).

It's most certainly worth checking out!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Number Of Seasons: 7 Seasons Available On Prime: 7

Let's jump into the '90s for a second! If you love witchcraft, and if you're looking for a show to enjoy with your kids, consider checking out Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

The show stars Melissa Joan Hart, as Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina is a half mortal who is being raised by her two full witch aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick). She has to balance her way through high school, all while learning to use and control her new powers. She is also faced with a variety of witchy tasks, including earning her Witches License, solving the family secret, and training another young witch Dreama (China Shavers).

If you can, check it out! Melissa Joan Hart is awesome and the show is such a treat. I kinda wish they'd continue the show. Perhaps call it Sabrina's Teenage Witch and make it about Sabrina raising her own young witch daughter? I'll keep dreaming!

Oh, and did I mention there's a talking cat!? Cool, right!?

Melrose Place

Number Of Seasons: 7 Seasons Available On Prime: 7 (+ 1 Reboot Season)

Melrose Place is a series created by Darren Star and produced by Aaron Spelling. It follows a group of 20-somethings living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place, in Los Angeles, California. We get a look into the lives of the residents.

The show stars Thomas Calabro (as Dr. Michael Mancini), Josie Bissett (as Jane Mancini), Andrew Shue (as Billy Cambell) and of course Heather Locklear (as Amanda Woodward)

I never imagined watching a soap opera kind of show but I was very glad I did. I fell in love with Kimberly's tricks, Amanda's attitude, Sydney's need for attention and everything else tied into the show!

Melrose Place features great writing and plots that'll stick with you. How could you not watch? It has relationships, explosions, asylums, murder, and of course a lot of revenge. This is a can't miss series!

In 2009, the show was rebooted on The CW. The reboot is also available on Amazon Prime, but I must warn you it's a huge let down compared to the original classic!

So checkout all of these shows and more on Amazon Prime! If you haven't you can sign up for a free one month trial!


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