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I'm a comic book fan who can't read comics, I try my best to keep up with the storylines, and managed to get a couple of awsome comics too.

Hey everybody, how's the MCU going along with you?

So I watched the movie Blade II yesterday, and having also seen Punisher: War Zone not a long time ago, I thought: what if these two came together and kicked butt? I mean really, did Marvel consider making a Marvel Knights movie?

First off, let's make it clear that this team will be composed of the following characters:

• Blade

• Ghost Rider

• Punisher

• Elektra

• Daredevil

Of course additional characters may be added:

• Moon Knight

• Black Widow

• Dazzler

But I strongly recommend the first guys (plus Moon Knight).

These characters all have movies, although mostly weak movies, but that doesn't mean they aren't fit for cinema, also considering they were a long time ago, before Marvel had the hang on their movies and made major block busters.

Now, since Marvel have already revealed their plan from now till 2019, I think it's safe to say that we won't be seeing a movie for these guys till, well till a very long time has passed, until then they have a fair time to think how to make this work, but if they did decide to squeeze it in there, this is how they can do it:

1. They need a director who's not afraid of showing off the serious side of being a superhero, you don't always knock out the villains with one hit, so he has to be a guy who shows what the guys feel when they kill the henchmen, are they really good guys when they show no feelings whatsoever to ending the lives of humans?

2. Marvel has to assemble a strong cast, cause as far as I'm seeing it, this movie is going to be similar to The Suicide Squad, they need a cast who can compete with the performance we're about to see in 2016.

3. Somewhere along the timeline of the MCU, they're going to have to make Daredevil a darker guy, you know, to make him fit in, also seeing that he will join The Defenders soon, he has to have a turning point where he starts killing, either that or they just make him more mysterious to the people around him, so when he meets guys like The Punisher or Ghost rider, he finds ease in talking to them, and if he stays a bit more remorseful than the others, maybe that will make him a good choice to be leader.

4. If Elektra is indeed going to show up in the second season of daredevil, she will most likely be shown in her first acts of vigilantism, or something like that, she has to slowly turn into a killing machine and grow farer away from daredevil by the day, an then when daredevil meets her again as she is gathered with the other knights, she is someone else, she has to be able to handle herself in a team of killers and her being the only one without powers next to the punisher, but seeing that the punisher uses long distant weapons, she has to be an unstoppable assassin, not the push-over of the team.

5. I don't see the problem with introducing Ghost Rider from his previous movies, although they suck but they did show his origin, this is a guy who doomed himself to hell and is trying to change that, embracing what he turned himself into, he can be the team's muscle and learn how to better communicate with others.

6. As for Blade, there are talks about Wesley snipes getting into the MCU, so if he's going back as blade we are going to want to see the same blade from the other movies, confident and having fun while ending the terror, perhaps he could be the one to assemble the team to fight a vampire army or something, anyway he is a good leading candidate.

7. The punisher will show up on Daredevil Season 2, so I can't really say anything about him, he's already planned, but no matter how he is portrayed, he should be fearless, jumping in with his trusty weapons he should be the strategist.

8. As for moon knight, we don't want to see the millionaire swoop in his little plane and kick butt with his skills then go back to his mansion, no, we want to see the corrupt Moon Knight, the broken one, wounded by the past, constantly asking his suit for forgiveness and never letting anyone in on anything, hidden from his teammates and he unleashes his rage in battle, that is the non-batman knockoff we want to see.

So please comment and share, who knows, maybe Marvel would actually stumble upon this and we might just get lucky.


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