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FIFA 16 is approximately 4 weeks away from its release date for the XBOX One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. Therefore, we should see an increase in online activity for FIFA 15 up until then as we get ready for the next leap forward for football sims. We'll have to keep all of 15's gameplay elements fresh in our minds in order to get an insight into the intricate details that EA have changed for FIFA 16.

There may be elements of FIFA 15 that'll feel better to some of us, but there are certain things in the game that none of us will miss. While incidents like the ones you're about to see are certainly rare, we hope that none of them transfer over to FIFA 16 - I'd prefer to keep my controllers intact. But even though they must have been so frustrating to play with, they're still hilarious!


These FIFA 15 Videos Show Everything We Don't Want to Happen in FIFA 16!

The following are all of the areas that FIFA 16 promises advances in:

  • Women's National Football Teams are finally in the game with FIFA 16!
  • 25 changes to defensive mechanics featuring improved sliding, fake tackles and in-air tackles.
  • Better AI awareness of gaps in defensive play.
  • Goalkeeper fundamentals have been upgraded to improve the last line of defence.
  • Improved interception intelligence makes midfield-play a much stronger presence in FIFA 16.
  • Upgraded passing options, with improvements to crossing choices

All of these gameplay features are certainly necessary after having engaged with FIFA 15 for almost a year now. But there's one aspect of the game that is frequently referenced in a negative light: goalkeeping. And I can see why!

Obviously glitches aren't something that EA can completely obliterate from the franchise, however goalkeepers are often complained about in the community. I wouldn't be the most passionate player of FIFA 15, but even I have seen some absolutely shocking mistakes. But there have been some weird things happening all across the pitch in FIFA 15.


I've seen arms disappear, insane breakages, impossible feats achieved and just general glitchy madness. I'm surprised by how often I see it in FIFA 15 to be honest, in comparison with previous years. Hopefully FIFA 16 won't follow in its footsteps. Though after having played FIFA 16 at Gamescom earlier this month, I'm not exactly sure whether it'll top PES 2016 for me this year - even the demo has show huge potential! But even though these glitches are often infuriating when you're playing...they are damn funny to watch.

Let us know what you want to see fixed the most in FIFA 16 in the comments below, and if you have any links to funny glitches or videos, stick them in too!


Would you be willing to pick up PES 2016 over FIFA 16 this year?


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