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Tom Burton

With the release of Fear the Walking Dead this past weekend, it made me consider the team I would want around should something like this happen. This will be a mixture of fictional and non-fictional worlds, and this is merely my opinion!

The Team Leader - Captain America

We are starting off with the man who can lead a team of people who have such big egos that it would be impossible for anyone else to lead! He has the heart, the passion, and the persistence to serve himself and humanity itself. Not only can he lead any group in the world, but he can get the best out of them, whilst getting the best out of himself!

The Brawler - The Wolverine

The Wolverine has such rage he could cut through 100 Zombies without so much as a scratch. This would make him the perfect brawler. Should the team need to get through multiple hordes, or even an army, then Logan would be more than willing to cut every single zombie in the horde. He would make everything so much easier for the team when travelling through cities.

The Weapons Expert - Lucious Fox

Should there be any scraps in a corner shop, this man could turn them into a dangerous weapon. Fox has been the weapons specialist for Batman, and for good reason! He enhanced the weapons he was given, and sped up the technology progress. This makes him the best man for supplying the team with new weapons and technology.

The Brains - Sherlock Holmes

Arguably the smartest man to exist in any movie and TV show, Sherlock Holmes would be able to provide information regarding the Zombies that could be used to the teams advantage, or he could plan out a strategy as to where they should move next, Sherlock would give the team the best chance of survival, and for him, he can imagine no higher praise!

The Supply Man - The Flash

The fastest man alive, who could simply take an entire city's worth of supplies in day, and could check the road ahead in a matter of seconds. This would help the team in so many ways, and would virtually ensure their survival.

The Medic - John Watson

Even if someone gets hurt, who better to look after them than Dr. John Watson, a man who has worked with Sherlock Holmes and seen some harsh scenarios with victims, not only would this help John, but he is a man who has also served in times of war, therefore he is a man used for harsh environments, and the apocalypse would not sway him.

The Explosives Expert - Michael Bay

Every single Michael Bay film has over the top explosions, and that's because it is the only thing that he is good at! So he would be the ideal person to quickly get rid of a horde of zombies.

So that is team!


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