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With only 7 months to go until one of the most anticipated superhero movies of all time, everyone is speculating what the Batman vs Superman post-credits scene could possibly contain to tease future films.

There are almost unlimited possibilities as a result, because Warner Bros has the opportunity to tease any one of their upcoming comic book adaptations, whether it’s Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, or even Batman and Superman’s upcoming solo movies. Here are a few possible post-credit scenes.

1. Batman meets the Joker!

From a marketing standpoint, this would make the most sense, as the next DC project, Suicide Squad comes out only months after Batman V Superman, and it would give fans a brief look at what is to come for the new movie.

It could be a scenario where Batman receives a video from the Joker after the events of Batman Vs Superman, or maybe a glimpse of the car chase scene that we saw in the trailer for Suicide Squad, which looks be set before Batman Vs Superman.

2. Lex Luthor's new suit!

From the looks of the trailers, this is set to be Lex Luthor's origin story, and they may continue that by giving Luthor his suit in the post credits scene, which will allow the creators to have Luthor as a villain for when they need him.

It may be a case that the world starts supporting Superman, but Luthor still remains extremely cautious, and starts a prototype of his suit with Kryptonite attached to it.

3. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman start recruiting!

This will be what the general audience wants to see the most, as it becomes fairly obvious that the three will come together in the end, and look for other superheroes to join them, which would set up the two Justice League movies.

They could either be in the Batcave, or maybe in a newly created Fortress of Solitude, and the three could suggest people who are lurking about in the world, such as Aquaman or maybe even Green Lantern!

4. Wonder Woman finding something from her past!

Obviously this would be used to set up her own movie, which is set to be a prequel. It would make sense given that she would be a very popular character throughout the DCCU.

It could be an old photo of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, or maybe a piece of jewelry that he gave to her years prior to this movie, something that would nicely set up her own solo movie in 2017!

5. Justice League Villain revealed!

This is something that is unlikely, but we are all hoping to get a glimpse of. And it would make it easier for the story as it would not involve any of the main heroes. It could be any number of villains, such as Darkseid, Doomsday, or even possibly Lex Luthor.

There is a huge variety of ways that a new villain could be introduced, given that they are not involved in the story in this movie. One theory goes that they show Doomsday’s corpse (whether it’s in a lab or at the bottom of the ocean) suddenly twitch to indicate that he’s alive and a threat to the Justice League.


Which do you think will be the Post Credits scene will be for Batman V Superman?


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