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A whole lot of us are apparently naming our offspring after characters from TV shows and movies, proving that pop culture does in fact rule our daily lives.

So, it should come as no surprise that fans are deciding to name their babies after a character in the Star Wars franchise - after all, after almost half a century now, it cannot be denied that the series has left its imprint on sci-fi movies. But, it might still shock you to find out which name has come up top this year!

The US Social Security Administration has just released its annual report on the most popular names in the US and "Anakin" made the cut! Yep, that's right. A large number of Star Wars fans have indeed named their babies after Luke Skywalker's Sith papa.

Out of a list of the top 1,000, the name came in at no. 957. According to records, this means that 218 little boys born last year were blessed with Darth Vader's birth name... one that George Lucas invented himself!

That alone is pretty unnerving, but this fact becomes even more bizarre when we think back to how the infamous dark Jedi actually slaughtered many a youngling in his time. I mean, why would people name their own younglings after someone who KILLS younglings?

Perhaps they hadn't thought that one through until it was too late, or had simply only seen The Phantom Menace before Vader's dark actions were unravelled in more detail later on. I doubt many of the parents really would have named their newborn after pop culture's most iconic sci-fi villain if they knew, right? But who knows, the world is very strange place indeed...

What other TV shows and movies are influencing names?

1. Game of Thrones

The Office for National Statistics in the UK released its annual report the other week, with a rather surprising revelation - Brits love the fantasy show GoT so much that they are willing to name their kids after its characters. Here are the most popular ones:

Arya – 244
Khaleesi – 53
Theon – 18
Tyrion – 17
Daenerys – 9
Sansa – 6
Bran – 4
Brienne – 4
Sandor – 4

I mean, "Theon?" Really? The youngest of the Greyjoy clan who betrayed his 'family' and then became known as Reek after being tortured by Ramsey Bolton? I wouldn't want my kid associated with that...

2. Frozen

Disney's epic Frozen was such a hit that it brought the name Elsa back after almost a century. The last time this was a trending name in the US was back in 1917.

According to reports, a total of 1,131 little girls were given the name last year, making it the 286th most common name given to newborn princesses.

3. The Hunger Games

Since the release of The Hunger Games films, more and more parents have been eager to name their children after its characters. For example, the name Primrose became very popular, as did Effie.



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