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Well, it was (sorta) hotly anticipated, but on Saturday night, Lifetime's Unauthorized Full House Story finally aired. The film was controversial even before filming began, with the original cast of the show eager to see what dirt Lifetime could dig up on a cast that played a squeaky clean family on-screen, and who were extremely close knit off-screen.

While no one was expecting the acting to be good, or the movie to have any particular depth, I imagine that Lifetime's aim was to produce something fun and nostalgic to watch on a Saturday night. However, while that may have been the aim, the original cast of Full House definitely didn't hold back on their opinion of the movie, and took to social media to tell us what they really thought!

Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner on Full House was the first out of the blocks with a simple, but scathing tweet:

This was followed by a post from Andrea Barber, a.k.a. Kimmy Gibbler who basically summed up the whole experience with one beautiful Kimmy photo from the original series:


But while Cameron Bure and Barber were hate-watching the Lifetime movie, it appears there was one original cast member who was far too busy to watch:

Full House creator, Jeff Franklin chimed in with his review, which seems awfully similar to Candace Cameron Bure's:

And he also had a correction for the filmmakers:

Mr. Danny Tanner himself, Bob Saget had some advice for Full House fans wanting the real gossip from behind-the-scenes of the sitcom:

But what about Uncle Jesse, John Stamos? Well, surprisingly he refrained from giving any opinion, and simply wished actor Justin Gaston, who played Stamos in the movie, the best of luck:

While Dave Coulier a.k.a. Joey doesn't seem to have made any tweets during the film, we can imagine that if he did it would go something like this:

Fortunately for all of us who are dying for an actual, authentic Full House reunion, the much anticipated spin-off series Fuller House is currently filming and will be released on Netflix in 2016. The spin-off will see the entire cast, aside from the Olsen Twins, reuniting for at least one or two episodes, though the show will largely focus on DJ and Stephanie Tanner, along with Kimmy Gibbler.

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