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Heather Snowden

Hilary Duff went full Lizzie McGuire over the weekend when she posted the below Instagram of herself channelling some serious '90's vibes in stone-washed blue .

Getting our nostalgia bones all a-tingling, Duff's social media blast-from-the-past got us thinking of all the other strong looks she donned during her days as Disney alter-ego, Lizzie McGuire. Looks which I believe are totally workable nowadays, especially if Hilary got on board to show us how to rock 'em. Don't you think?

Here are five of Lizzie's '90's ensembles that, with a tiny pinch of irony, could be acceptable today:

1. A feather boa. It is essential for conveying total starlet vibes

2. Pink army print. Unless you were planning on bathing in cotton candy, it wasn't camouflage in the slightest, but who cares when it looks that great? Team with a metallic bubble backpack and you're good to go

3. Hair-Art. When in doubt, crimp

4. A kilt. But, If you're going to wear one, commit. Adding a traditional sporran shows you're cultured and unafraid of a bold accessory

5. Coordinate. And do it like a pro by matching your butterfly clips to your rhinestone bracelet and lipgloss. It's all in the details, darling


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