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If you're ever in need of a killer defense lawyer, I would advise you to hire the creator of the video you're about to watch because he has the persuasive skills to almost make you believe that Daniel is the villain in The Karate Kid.

So, if you remember fervently cheering for the underdog as he put the ancient fighting techniques that Mr. Miyagi bestowed on him into practice, prepare yourself to see the power of biased reporting as we reexamine Daniel's role in the iconic '80s flick.

Daniel, The Violent Sociopath

J. Matthew Turner's video proposes that Daniel is a violent sociopath who moves to a new area and immediately begins to torment a local kid while trying to hit on his ex-girlfriend.

Johnny The Repentant

Whereas Johnny is painted as a former rebel who has a commitment to turn his life around through the power of positive changes, including throwing himself into the discipline of martial arts.

Defensive Action

The compelling video goes on to show us examples of Johnny countering Daniel's acts of violence in acts of self-defense that only escalate when he's left with no choice...

Unprovoked Attacks

...Whereas Daniel waits for months until the air has cleared between them and launches a malicious unproved attack on Johnny at a school party and ruins his evening.

Bad Sportsmanship

The argument for Johnny's case goes on to shine a spotlight on Daniel's terrible sportsmanship and that almost certainly illegal kick in the face that won him his ill gotten victory. Check out the whole debate for yourself in the video below:

Maybe How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson had the right idea all along...

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