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A couple of days ago, a set picture from the Berlin shoot of Captain America: Civil War landed online with a suitable thump, and gave us a peek at what could possibly be Tony Stark's new Iron Man armor.

Heroic Hollywood set the rumor mill spinning furiously over which exact piece of kit Stark would be taking to the skies with, and it seems as if the web has set its mind firmly on the epic Bleeding Edge armor, which would be absolutely incredible!

Bleeding Edge?

The Bleeding Edge armor (Model 38 in the comics) made its first appearance in Matt Fraction and Ryan Meinerding’s The Invincible Iron Man #25, making waves after the badass Extremis armor - which greatly inspired Iron Man 3's plot.

B.E. is an incredibly advanced liquid substance containing nano-machines that is housed in Stark's body, up until he mentally commands it to form upon his person. The suit has all the usual abilities like flight, repulsor blasts, superhuman strength, etc. But with the suit comprising of nano-machines, this basically allows Stark to create anything he wants.

Eat your heart out, Samus Aran!
Eat your heart out, Samus Aran!

As in, he can invent his own clothes, alternative armors and weapons as evidenced in the comic arc where he imagines up cannons, guns on his arms and a friggin' boxing glove! Oh, and it can create a sword made of energy. Just gonna casually slip that fact in there.

Liquid Swords
Liquid Swords

Now that the nano-machines have pretty much rendered Stark a transhuman, greatly altering his already vast intelligence and physiology, the suit makes him pretty much unstoppable due to its healing factor - the nanos create an additional layer of muscle on his body and can self-heal instantaneously - so long as its arc reactor isn't damaged.

Civil War: Over Before It Begins?

Set to be Mark 46 in the MCU, if it is indeed to be used, the ramifications of inserting B.E. into the battle for superhero freedom are endless. Though Stark would be correct in arming himself with the best possible kit to take on the likes of Captain America and his team of supers, surely his armor being this powerful will take a super-life, leaving him feeling super-sad?

Though Iron Man is stronger than Captain America, Cap is a veritable tactical genius and Stark will need to think fast in order to take him on. Why act when you can create on a whim? And seeing as he was once an Avenger, he'll have the lowdown on all of his former friends/allies' abilities. Scary prospect!

We've seen the effects of Stark's hubris after creating Ultron, and I think it's safe to believe he won't be stopping there. After nearly dying in the harsh solitude of space in The Avengers, having his armor fail on him in Iron Man 3 and nearly being killed by his own robo-baby in AoU, having the armor on him at all times will make him feel a hell of a lot safer. And you can't blame him really.

I really hope this comes to pass, because seeing the Bleeding Edge armor in action would be a sight to behold, man. But hey, we'll find out fairly soon enough!

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