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You've seen them a countless number of times, you know what comes next and what the characters are going to say... but are you really that certain that you REALLY know everything about some of the most iconic movies ever made?

The following blockbusters are some of the most watched in the history of cinema, but that doesn't mean that you are fully aware of every single plot and twist.

Here are 11 facts about the greatest movies of all time that will completely turn what you know about them on its head.

1. The Shining

The young boy in The Shining had no clue that he was starring in a horror movie. Only after filming wrapped and it was released, did he find out later. Imagine the shock when he watched himself on screen!

2. Grease

The moral of the musical is that in order to find the love of your life, you have to fundamentally change who you are as a person.

3. Pinocchio

At the beginning of the movie, we learn there is a group of thugs who kidnap young boys and turn them into donkeys. Nothing is done to stop this and as the film progresses, the issue is simply not addressed.

Pinocchio always keeps the donkey ears and tail for the duration of the movie, which ends without being resolved.

4. E. T.

The voice of E. T. was actually played a woman who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Her voice was not put-on, it was actually like that. Check it out:

5. The Little Mermaid

Ariel and Hercules are actually related. If you think about it, she is the daughter of Triton, who is the son of Poseidon, who is the brother of Zeus, who is the father of Hercules.

They are essentially first cousins once removed.

6. Castaway

I bet you didn't notice that the whole time that Tom Hanks is stranded on the island, there is no music playing in the background at any point. This is intentional to add to the growing feeling of isolation

7. The Wizard of Oz

At the end of the movie, the Tin-Man unties the rope holding the hot-air balloon, causing the wizard to soar into the air leaving poor Dorothy behind.

I can't believe he would do this - even with a new heart, he clearly remains truly heartless. Watch the minute-long clip below:

8. Rambo

Only one person died in the first Rambo movie, and even that was an accident.

9. Mrs. Doubtfire

You might assume that the "bad guy" in Mrs. Doubtfire is indeed a bad guy. But if you think about it, Pierce Brosnan actually plays a pretty decent man, who is generous and patient. Mrs. Doubtfire simply tries to coax him into doing something bad and he never falls for it. In this scene, she basically almost kills him:

10. Saving Private Ryan

Clearing out the trenches at the beginning of the movie after taking over the beach, two German soldiers come out with their hands up in the air. It seems as if they are trying to surrender.

They are both shot dead and the US marine says they were saying "look! I washed for supper!" However, the language they were speaking was actually Czech, not German, and the man was saying "please don't shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn't kill anymore! I am Czech!"

The soldier was a Czech taken prisoner by the Germans and forced to fight for them.

11. 5th Element

Bad-guy Zorg and Corbin Dallas never actually meet or even really know about one another in the movie.

The closest they ever get to one another is when they are both getting into, and out of, the elevators on the ship before it blows up.



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