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The infamous fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat, is well known for its ultra-violent finishing moves, some of which were brutal enough to provoke nationwide censorship and a even a few lawsuits!

The controversy surrounding MK's now legendary, vomit inducing fatalities is not at all surprising, with many featuring fighters mutilating bodies in ways even the sickest of serial killers would never dream of. What follows are 10 of the sickest, but the question is: can you finish them all?

10. Raiden - Just a Scratch

Game: MK9

Even Monty Python's Black Knight might have trouble shrugging this one off.

9. Quan Chi - Leg Rip

Game: MK4

Don't have a weapon to turn against your opponent? Why not make an improvised bat out of their severed their leg? It's perfect for beating them to a slushy pulp.

8. Sheeva - Skin Rip

Game: MK3

What good is to have four arms if you can't use them to forcibly shred another's skin clean off?

7. Sub-Zero - Chest Kold

Game: MKX

It's that visceral crunch of bone fragments that makes me wince every time!

6. Quan Chi - Mind Game

Game: MKX

And for my next trick I will make my beautiful assistant walk excruciating slowly into my levitating blade, thereby making her life...disappear!

5. Jax - T-Wrecks

Game: MLX

As if forcing her arms into her body wasn't insult enough, he then puts his cigar out inside her fractured skull. Charming.

4. Cassie Cage - Selfie

Game: MLX

A 21st century woman, Cassie makes sure everyone online knows just how proficient her jaw-ripping skills are. Thanks for sharing.

3. Noob Sailbot - Make a Wish

Game: MK9

The dastardly Noob spawns a clone of himself in order to wrench his opponent's body in half. When it gets to the head, I can't help but look away!

2. Scorpion - Stop Ahead

Game: MLX

"I'd like to take his face...OFF!"

1. Sub Zero - Spine Rip

Game: All of them!

It might be far from the most gruesome on this list, but Sub Zero's legendary Spine Rip tops all others because of its pure timelessness. Tearing out people's vertebraes will never, ever get old.


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