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Tragedy in Boston was thankfully prevented this weekend, after police intercepted two individuals who were allegedly planning to carry out a mass shooting during the Pokémon World Championships.

Authorities were alerted to the threat after the two gunmen, Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, began bragging about their horrific intentions over social media.

"Killing the Competition"

James Stumbo (L) and Kevin Norton (R)
James Stumbo (L) and Kevin Norton (R)

Last week, Stumbo posted a picture of a 12-gauge shotgun and an AR-15 rifle sitting on the trunk of a white car, as seen below, along with a caption that read:

"Kevin Norton and I are ready for Worlds. Boston here were come!!!"

Norton also disturbingly joked about 'killing the competition' at the Pokémon event, which drew a crowd of over 5,000 people.

But vague threats sent over social media didn't provide hard evidence for what the pair were planning to do. But, what the police discovered next provided more than enough cause for panic.

An Alarming Discovery

The Pokémon World Championship 2014
The Pokémon World Championship 2014

Private sector security staff at the Hynes Convention Center - where the World Championship was scheduled to take place - found Norton and Stumbo trying to enter the building a day before competitors were supposed to arrive.

Soon after, detectives discovered the two in possession of a small armory, carrying a Remington shotgun, a DPM5 Model AR-15 rifle, several hundred rounds of ammunition, and a hunting knife inside their car.

Neither man was able to supply a license to carry the firearms and were subsequently arrested, charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. They are currently awaiting to be arraigned at Boston Municipal Court.

There's simply no telling what kind of havoc the dangerous pair would have caused, had they been allowed to enter the convention center as planned. The mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine, and makes me thankful for the vigilant officers who foiled this unspeakable plot before it could be carried out.

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