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Is Draco Malfoy a tortured, misunderstood character full of deeply human flaws... or is he just an asshole? J.K. Rowling shed some light on Draco's mean behavior and general bitterness when she explained to Pottermore that Draco's father expected Harry to be the new savior of the pure-blood community - reasoning that The Boy Who Lived only survived Voldemort's killing curse because of his own potential to become a very dark wizard - and forever resigned Draco to the shadow of a greater, more important schoolmate.

Regardless of his troubled soul, there's no doubt that Draco certainly deserved the Hermione treatment sometimes:

With this in mind, it's funny to see Tom Felton - Draco himself - comment on the nature of his on-screen alter ego. In response to a fan buying a snazzy 'Draco Malfoy is my boyfriend' T-shirt, this is what Tom tweeted:

Sure, maybe Draco wouldn't be the greatest boyfriend in the world, but Tom Felton is biased - look at how much he adores Ron Weasley!

Don't worry, their love is reciprocal...

Would Draco make a good boyfriend? J.K. Rowling is not so sure, either. Check out her on point response to Tom Felton's "I'm sorry girls like Malfoy" tweet!

Nice one, Rowling. Maybe she's got a point there...

Tom Felton plus the magic of DevianArt... who could resist?


Is Tom Felton the reason that Draco Malfoy is so popular?

Source: Twitter, DeviantArt


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