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While I'm all for using language that aims to be respectful and considerate, I've winced at the hackneyed, roundabout language of extreme political correctness plenty of times and these hilarious reimagined Disney titles that parody well-meaning attempts to be inoffensive definitely tickled my funny bone!

Admittedly, it's generally not the titles of Disney movies that could benefit PC makeover (don't watch Snow White as an adult, ladies!), but that's what makes the attempts below to over-sanitize them so chortle worthy!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

My Swedish boyfriend has just informed me the title there translates to 'The Bellringer of Notre Dame,' so maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and leave the Hunchback out of it altogether!

The Jungle Book

There is no place for the word :jungle" post colonial connotations in this book, okay?

The Little Mermaid

This petite Merperson's marital status doesn't define who she is. Stat.


Mulan is just one cross-dressing woman in a vast ocean of people with various different gender identities and sexualities, all of which are equally as valid and do not represent the others.

Beauty and the Beast

I always thought 'Beast' seemed a bit rude, I always liked his less common but equally valid personal grooming habits myself!

The Lion King

I think 'democratic' only really works here in a straight up North Korea kind of way seeing as Simba was blatantly part of a straight up monarchy, but maybe I'm just not sufficiently culturally educated when it comes to lion society ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Lady and the Tramp

by MargaretOlson

He's not a 'tramp' just because he's lower on the socio-economic scale.

The Uncommonly Wealthy, High-Society Anthropomorphic Felines

by TwoGoldDubloons

There is nothing un PC about the title of 'Aristocats,' but there's no denying that TwoGoldDubloons has parodied overcomplicated PC spiel perfectly!

Water Solidified to Its Inert State

by Usernamegoeshere93

Again, there's nothing un PC about 'Frozen,' but this one made me laugh out loud so I had to share.

(Source: Imgur via College Humor)


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