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Anxious fans of American Horror Story story may have gotten our best look yet at the cast and characters of the highly anticipated season, but some particularly creative ones have taken the time to imagine what they would like to see out of the sure-to-be spooky Hotel. This collection of fan art goes from ghastly to glamorous and reminds us exactly why we're stick around for a fifth season of the anthology frightfest.

Naturally, newly christened star Lady Gaga is taking front and center, and I'm certainly not complaining! Take a look at all the scary good fan art below, and start making your reservations for the October 7th premiere of AHS: Hotel!

Bound and Gagged

Lady Gaga will be playing The Countess, the owner of Hotel Cortez. Though on the outside she seems like a glamorous woman with a cushy job, there is quite a bit of darkness happening at her core.

Suite Goodbyes

Nothing quite like a private suite to get rid of those pesky victims whose blood you need to stay young. Elizabeth Bathory, move aside. There's a new Countess of Blood in town (unless they're one in the same).

Killer Turndown Service

At a hotel like this, the guests never want to leave. And it looks like in many instances, they never have the chance to!

Submerged in Fear

The blood runs deep. Hope you remember how to swim.

Slaves to the Countess

With lasting beauty and razor-sharp charm, anyone could fall prey to the head of this hotel, and more than a few already have.

Crying Blood

Equal parts tantalizing and terrifying.

Kill Them with Glamour

This season is supposed to be darker and scarier than ever, but Ryan Murphy has still managed to fit in some jaw-dropping fashions and set-pieces for Lady Gaga's character.

The Countess's Fall from Grace

We now know that the Countess will be running the place, but I must say that I absolutely love this vision of her as a housekeeper. I can see the storyline already: what happens when she goes from bathing in blood to cleaning it?

Blink and You'll Miss It

Gotta love the beauty of an animated poster.

Open Vacancy

Even with a private room, you'll have trouble feeling like you're alone.

Fan-Made Teasers are downright brilliant

Good enough to make me excited for the tone and cast of what's sure to be another stand-out season.

Never wake a sleeping child

You may end up in a nightmare.

We may still have to wait a little over a month for the new season to finally air, but I'm anticipating even more American Horror Story: Hotel fan art to start filtering through the Internet now that early images have been released.


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