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Long ago, in the days of internet yore, ChatRoulette was the place to go if you wanted to see the dicks of random men from around the world being wiggled in front of a webcam. It was kind of famous for it.

However, thanks to a new flesh detecting algorithm and, hopefully, a raising of the bar when it comes to internet etiquette, ChatRoulette's once ubiquitous chodes have disappeared. In their wake has come rather intuitive and impressive pieces of viral advertizing.

Britain-based filmmaking group, Realm Pictures, wanted to show off their technical knowhow by creating a real live-action first person shooter. However, this isn't some movie simply shot from the first person perspective, this is actually a live-action 'video game' controlled by a player. Realm used a sophisticated set of gadgets to stream a live webcam attached to their actor to real people on ChatRoulette. They then assumed the role of the player, and guided our intrepid gun-totting character through the zombie apocalypse. Check it out below:

Just like any mainstream video game shooter, Realm Picture's live-action version was filled with video game tropes. Let's take a look at some.

Classic Starting Melee Weapons

Hidden (Albeit Misspelled) Weapons

Turret Sections

Boss Fights Requiring Bigger and Better Guns

How did they pull off this impressive feat? Well, you can find out all about it in this insightful behind the scenes video:

Source: Youtube


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