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Easter eggs are often nothing more than little secrets hidden within the fabric of a video game by a bored developer. However, in other instances, they can be incredibly dark and even downright disturbing - even if the game in question is not actually supposed to be particularly scary.

Here are 8 dark video game Easter eggs that'll send a shiver down your spine:

1. Black and White 2 Whispers Your Name

Peter Molyneux's God simulator, Black and White 2, was well known for its humorous approach to deity worship. However, one particularly dark Easter egg could almost make you think you were going insane. Upon sacrificing or killing a worshipper, a ghastly voice would state "deeeeaatth," but what many people do not know is that the voice actor also recorded many other phrases - including your name.

If you gave your character a generically common name, the game would sometimes whisper it into your ear, creating almost subliminal terror. A large catalog of names were recorded and you can see if yours made the cut in the video below:

2. Who Are You Running From?

The strange visuals and bizarre nature of some Nintendo games makes it a prime location for dark, disturbing Easter eggs. Take, for example, this chilling hidden secret in the Game Boy Camera. As well as being a revolutionary piece of gaming tech at the time, the Game Boy Camera also came packaged with a few mini-games... and terrifying Easter eggs. If the 'Run' option was selected, it would sometimes show a vandalized face complete with the caption, 'Who Are You Running From?'. If the message isn't creepy enough, the image which accompanies it appears to be some kind of hellish combination of the Joker and Gene Simmons. Check out the video below to see it in action:

3. The Mount Gordo Ghost

Thank to the massive scale of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it was no stranger to creepy, but usually fake, Easter eggs. In GTA V, however, the stories of ghosts and ghouls are very true. If you head to a certain point overlooking Mount Gordo at 11pm, you can see an apparition appear over the word "Jock" written in blood. If you then visit the in-game website, you can uncover the tale of Jolene Cranley-Evans, the wife of Jock Cranley - a character running for governor in GTA V. The implication is Jock killed her by pushing her down the cliff, with Jolene now exposing her killer every night. In fact, if you go to a campsite near the base of the mountain, some claim you can even hear her scream.

4. Just Cause 2's Lost Island

Just Cause 2 is an equally massive game and also contains its own fair share of Easter eggs. One of the creepiest is Hantu Island, a mysterious landform off the coast of Panau. The island has incredibly strong electromagnetic pulses, which destroys any planes or boats that come near. If this sounds familiar, it's because Hantu Island is clearly a reference to the television series Lost. This is further confirmed when you realize the island features the remains of a crashed jet, a message written in logs, a mysterious hatch and even a smoke monster.

5. Robbie the Rabbit Dislikes Peeping Toms

Robbie the Rabbit is a reoccurring element of the Silent Hill games and whatever incarnation he's appearing in, he's pretty creepy. However, one of his most shocking moments is in an Easter egg in The Room. If your character decides to peek in on their attractive neighbor, they will see a Robbie the Rabbit toy sitting on the bed. Fair enough, that's a nice little Easter egg.

However, if you then look again at a later time in the game, you'll see him now staring and pointing directly at you.

6. Animal Crossing & Harvest Moon Late Night Television

Watching television alone at night can sometimes be pretty creepy, especially when you start to think you're hearing noises elsewhere in the empty house. Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon take that concept, but make it even weirder. When playing Animal Crossing, if you turn on your television at 3:33am you'll be treated to a spooky alien face flickering on your screen. Similarly, if you turn on the television at 4:44am in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, you will be greeted by static and the dialogue box constantly opening and closing with a series of the number four (and the Japanese symbol for four). In Japanese culture, four is an unlucky number and an omen of death.

7. Witcher 3's Weeping Angels

There's obviously some Doctor Who fans at CD Projekt Red. They slipped one of the long-running series' most terrifying monsters into Witcher 3. If you head to the church near Lindenvale, you will see some statues of angels; however, if you turn away from them and then turn back, you'll notice they have moved and are now facing toward you. This clearly mimics the behavior of Doctor Who's famous time-traveling monsters.

8. The Joker's Last Laugh in Arkham Knight

The original opening of Arkham Knight featured the player activating the incinerator which cremates the Joker. The second time you play through, however, things are a little different. Instead of being quietly burnt to a crisp, the Joker jumps up and lets out a horrific scream-turned-maniacal laugh.


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