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Insurgent (spoilers)

Without a shadow of a doubt insurgent has been one of my favourite films this year. Shaline woodly and cast return in the second tale from this trilogy of books by Veronica Roth, however this time Tris and team are found factionless and on the run after the ending of the last film . A great adventure takes place to rescue a message from the founders of the city from the clutches of the evil Jeannine played by Kate Winslet. In the end the message turns out to be a n unexpected twist stating that the city is not alone and they are now free of there isolation. Theres also a shock ending where the newly found alive fours mum shoots Jeannine in the back of the head.

What's next ?

This leads to the future I belive the story will next pick up with Tris and four setting out to find out what is beyond the wall . However I don't belive everyone will leave I think that some people will stay fearling what's outside. This will lead to the battle from the book between fours mother and the leader of amity joanna.

Obviously like all successful movie trilogys the last will be split into two films. But the poniant question is will they keep that ending? I really hope they do as it adds such depth to the story and with such good actors they could make it an amazing movie moment.

Please leave your opinion on insurgent and what you want to see from the next two films.


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