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What would you think if Spider-Man was given the Deadpool treatment? What I mean to say is, if Peter Parker was a bit more of a jerk, a little more foul-mouthed, and just overall more Deadpool-esque. The results would be awesome, right?

Well, here's a trailer for Spider-Man in that vein. It was done by YouTuber Unusual Suspect, who happens to be a Creator here on Moviepilot. His name is [Ross Fearnley](user:2108102). Check it out for yourself below. And let us know your thoughts in the comments!

You already have the Deadpool feel right off the bat

Everything starts out fairly normal...

He's got a little bit more swagger

"With great power comes great irresponsibility"

He's getting his make-out on

"That's a cute outfit... did your husband give it to you?"

Who would have realized it was this easy to draw parallels between the two?

"It gets kinda itchy... rides up in the crotch a little bit too"

Great work, Unusual Suspect. Bravo! Check out their other videos here on their YouTube page!

(Via: YouTube)


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