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Pocahontas is an outstanding Disney classic. It's creative, thought-provoking, and to top it all off Disney chucked in a few feels and turned it into an emotional roller-coaster. It's filled with major themes and lessons, and deserves a live-action remake!

If Pocahontas was remade, here's who I'd cast:

Gemma Chan - Pocahontas

Gemma Chan has been in Sherlock, Doctor Who, and has also starred in Humans. She's a very good actress and like Pocahontas she is beautiful. When casting, I am looking for people who are outstanding actors or actresses that ideally look the part too. I think Gemma Chan would be perfect for this role.

Chris Hemsworth - John Smith

Avengers star Chris Hemsworth would be perfect as John. As well as being a great actor he is handsome and fits the part. I also think he would look great with Gemma on screen.

John Goodman - Governor Ratcliffe

I have grown up with this man being in some awesome movies, and I think he'd look and sound great as Governor Ratcliffe. We know he's versatile from the many roles he's played, so he won't have too much trouble playing an intimidating baddie! I can easily imagine him in this role.

Jason Momoa - Kocoum

We know he's great at acting from his performance in Game of Thrones. He'd look great as Kocoum and I think he'd play him spot on too! Kocoum was hard to cast for me because I couldn't think of anyone. Then I thought I need someone who's tall, quite handsome and mysterious looking, or quite stern - then BAM! I thought of Jason.

Javier Bardem - Chief Powhatan

Javier Bardem was outstanding in the film No Country for Old Men - and he was the first person I thought of to play Chief Powhatan. I think he would nail the role of the powerful and wise Chief. I think, if he was also made to look a little older perhaps, he would be great.

Ben and Lon - Colin Farrel and Robbie Coltrane

I had no idea who to cast as Ben and Lon. But I can imagine Robbie Coltrane and Colin Farrel bringing these characters to life and also a little entertainment and comedy to the live action remake. I'm unsure who would play who though - I think Robbie Coltrane could play Ben because he's taller than Colin. I'd like Ben and Lon, if played by Coltrane and Farrel, to have bigger roles in the remake!

Wiggins - DJ Qualls

I first saw DJ Qualls in Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory. He was brilliant! I knew I wanted someone skinny and small to play Wiggins so that he was overshadowed by Governor Ratcliffe, and I think DJ Qualls would play this part really well.

Nakoma - Gong Li

Gong Li was in Memoirs of a Geisha - and when I came across this particular photo of her, I thought she'd be perfect for the part of Pocahontas's friend Nakoma. Again, as well as being talented, she has the perfect look - at least I think so.

Thomas - James McAvoy

I love James McAvoy. I'd love to give him a bigger role, but I think he'd make a good Thomas. He's Scottish but can do a British accent and I've seen him play the good guy in several movies - so we know he could easily play the part of John's friend. I think he'd be perfect.

Grandmother Willow - Sheila Hancock

I was trying to think of a voice that sounded gentle, wise, and belonged to an older woman. At first I thought of Maggie Smith, but then after listening to Sheila Hancock, I think her voice is more gentle and calmer and can bring Grandmother Willow to life - the wise and mothering tree that guides Pocahontas.

I wish this movie was really happening! I know I may have missed a couple of people out, but feel free to comment your ideas and who you think should be cast in Pocahontas!

Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Let me know!


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