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Teen Wolf cast and crew report for filming to begin on Monday August 24.

As Teen Wolf News reported last week, pre-production got underway a few weeks ago at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, California. The actual work of putting a show on screen begins Monday.

Due to a scheduling conflict with one of Teen Wolf's go-to directors, they'll be shooting the next couple of episodes out of order. "We start shooting tomorrow. Interestingly, we’re actually starting with episode 512," Executive Producer Jeff Davis explained via email on Sunday, "This is to allow Tim Andrew to go off and direct an episode of Supernatural."

Andrew's other obligation will push production of episode 511 into September.

Davis could not answer one of the most frequently asked fan questions - when will Teen Wolf be back after Monday's Midseason Finale? "Unfortunately, premiere dates are a heavily guarded secret," he says. "I don’t even know the premiere date. But I can tell you it will be sometime in the winter."

That's pretty much what most of us figured since MTV's new fantasy drama The Shannara Chronicles will bow in January. Teen Wolf still brings in decent enough numbers in the outdated traditional television ratings to give new shows an audience boost. MTV got burned last winter when they hung Eye Candy out without the benefit of an existing hit to draw eyeballs to the new product. It is unlikely they would make that mistake with a gamble as big and expensive as Shannara. They'll likely pair the shows, Teen Wolf and Shannara, in some way to add some hype to the winter premieres.

Davis was willing to share one other bit of welcome news with us. Teen Wolf Wika users want to know if Chris Argent (JR Bourne) or Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) will be back anytime soon, "I can say that JR Bourne will be back sooner than later," Davis says. "That’s all I can say on that front. Sometimes these things are not up to me, but have more to do with agents and contracts."

If filming on the second half of the season progresses at the same pace as the first, they've got about three months of work ahead to complete the next 10 episodes. Teen Wolf News will continue to bring you all the Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes action we can find throughout production.


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