Kanavape is the latest hemp product to hit the shelves. The product is being sold from many reputable sites like Amazon and it contains the usually illegal substance of hemp.

The hemp used is grown sustainably across Spain, Czech republic and our neighbour France!

Kanavape first and foremost is an e-cig re branded as a hemp vaporizer. It boasts at least 500 puffs before it runs out and comes with pre filled cartridges. These cartridges hold 0.5ml of hemp oil each and have atleast 5% of CBD oil.

The clever part is that this can be used anywhere and is legal worldwide. The hemp oil contains no THC and is therefore not classed as an illegal substance. It first came into view last year, the founders were all over the news and Kanavape got off to a rocky start. It is now finding a solid ground in the ever growing e-cig market and to me it is a win win situation.

The battery is sleek and smart in design. It can fit into any pocket easily and can also be used as a touch pen too thanks to the useful rubber tip. A row of bright white leds can also be seen whilst taking a draw and whilst charging. It actually lasted a full day of vaping until it needed recharging. It also comes with the standard usb charger so it can be charged easily. Charge time is a little long, clocking in at around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Now onto the liquid cartridges. As mentioned above the device has pre filled cartridges available to purchase, each cartridge lasted me a day of vaping however, if you are a casual vaper it will most likely last longer!

The cartridges are plastic with a pipe like mouth piece. These cartridges are also re fillable but as of yet Kanavape does not sell the liquid on its own. Nor do they recommend refilling the tank. This is probably because of the fact nothing else is changeable. I did however refill my cartridge with standard nicotine fluid and so far the coil has lasted a few days. The vapour production is getting significantly smaller by the day and I am starting to taste the start of a burning coil.

Onto the actual hemp liquid. It is tasty, natural and comes in two flavours right now. Natural Hemp and Mint flavour. Both flavours are great and I hope they add more to the mix. I did prefer the natural Hemp flavour myself.

Kavavape is a great product, it is a device for those that want to try something different, for people who do not like the nicotine flavours of its e-cig brethren. it is also non addictive and completely natural meaning it is most likely better for you than the nicotine liquids. This does mean it comes at a cost. It is £14.95 a cartridge from Hempemporium Uk!

The battery is fairly cheap at under £35 with a pre filled cartridge included!

Kanavape has a promising niche. It will likely grow in the years to come and will fit nicely into the e cig market. They are also currently looking into producing bottles of the liquid so presumably they will also be changing the vaporizer design as they mature. I look forward to trying their new flavours as well as sharing more on the brand as it develops.

For more on Kavavape head over to their website at :

Also find me on YouTube where I will be showing the device off:


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