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I know I'm 2 months away but I know who exactly is the "blue" speedster.

First off did u know The Flash #6 was titled out of time (which was the same title for episode 15?) well on the cover we see Barry fighting the same "blue"speedster but if u read on the back, it mentions a "darker more driven flash runs back through time to fix his forerunner's mistakes and save the lives he didn't save (ex. Noora Allen)" and in the trailer Barry mentions he made a mistake by not saving his mom and according to the novel it also stated he will go to any means necessary, and how he carries a dark secret based off of the speed force. Now here are the most likely candidates. Could be an adult Wally West from an alternate world/time line because for one in the comics Wally was trained by Barry and he was "blue" in the comics. Eobard Thawne, the CW did mentioned he be back but where and when however this could be our Eobard which means Eddie may not be dead yet which leads me to believe Eddie could be Mr. Blue which may explain the ring he had last season and not the ring he gave to Iris. Finally it will be Barry but from an alternate world because the back of the novel I mentioned mentions "that sets him on a collision course WITH HIMSELF" and finally eobard mentioned to Barry "I'm not the thing you hate the most" so could he be talking be talking about himself and that his greatest enemy is himself? Well it could be but this is what I'm goin with for now. What do u guys think of this theory?

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