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Spider-Man is one of those cult movies that everyone knows. Red and blue costume with a spider on the back is widely recognized icon. That made me to place the main character on one of my paintings. The idea for a series of film images appeared by chance. A few years ago, with no idea for a gift for someone important, I had the idea to create a painting based on one of the cult movies. Screen that I used was the one I fell in love at the moment I saw it on big screen. As that painting came out pretty good, I decided to try with other titles. And in this way was born a series of movie paintings, all with acrylic on canvas these iconic and less well-known. With Spider-Man I had really a lot of hard work but I really enjoyed it and is still one of my favorite creations, if I may call it :)

Spider Man, 2015, acrylic on canvas
Spider Man, 2015, acrylic on canvas

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