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Good news for Terminator Genisys fans! After a faltering start, the final box office numbers are starting to come in from the international market, where the film has performed well. The film has earned $335 million right now, which feeds hopes for Terminator 6 to get the green light.

Originally planned to be the start of a brave new trilogy, Genisys' mixed reception initially threw the franchise's future into doubt. But Paramount have a lot to gain from producing more sequels, and many fans are dying to see what happens next!

Legacy of Genisys

New timeline, new team
New timeline, new team

Terminator Genisys was an ambitious attempt at a soft reboot for the Terminator Franchise, providing homages to the original 2 films while setting up a plotline that should carry through to at least two sequels. But as with all new installments of a long established film series, Genisys had a lot to measure up to, though it did have its strengths, and these may prove to be the key to saving the franchise from movie oblivion.

After a time jump into 2017, we catch a glimpse at a future where we've become increasingly reliant on technology for everyday life. This is a nice way to tap into the technophobe fears of the original film, while giving the idea a much needed update. Genisys' biggest hurdle was all the setting up it had to do: breaking away from the original films' continuity while establishing possibilities for a new plotline. Of course there were weaknesses: what most bad reviews mention is the complicated time travel plot, and a reset that erases the previous timeline. Or does it?

From Closed Loop to Multiverse

Villains of the piece
Villains of the piece

Matt Smith's Skynet is the key to the future of Terminator 6. Writer Laeta Kalogridis has shed some light on the situation.

"He’s from an alternate universe, in the multiverse, another of the many universes that exist. That Skynet is not from that timeline."

This is a real game changer for the franchise. Essentially, Genisys operates in a branching timeline reality, where there really are no limits to where the story can go next. This Skynet is from a timeline we've never seen before and, in a shocking twist, has the ability to travel between the alternate universes!

The idea is that this Skynet has watched the rise and fall of the machines, and in each timeline they're eventually defeated by John Connor. So instead of trying to erase John's existence Skynet used him instead, turning John into a weapon for the machines rather than their greatest threat. It's an interesting concept, and definitely one that should have been made clearer in Genisys, as this is what the sequels rely upon.

Savior of Humanity

Terminator 6 will also explore why John Connor is now the enemy, whether he was "corrupted or convinced" into his new mindset. Turning the story's big damn hero into a big damn villain was a brave move on Genisys' part, and one that didn't necessarily win them any favors from the fans.

Actor Jason Clarke wants to delve deeper into John's reasoning, and why he still feels he's trying to save humanity. He gave some insights into John's mindset in a recent interview...

"Why should I keep trying to save the world when the world just wants to invite technology back in? So here I am, I’m free, I’m alive, I’m not just a total machine. I’m part human here. This is inevitable. Think of what we can achieve!"

According to Clarke, John still loves his mother and cares for Kyle, but he's so wrapped up in Skynet's influence that his radical ideas are more important than reconciling with his parents. Terminator 6 could win a lot of fans over by exploring this, and giving hope for John to redeem himself, as his villainous turn in Genisys felt a little abrupt. Imagine a situation where Sarah and John are forced to work together: could they ever come to terms with one another?

Building the Future

After finally breaking out from the previous films' shadow, Terminator 6 has so many possibilities, and there's lots we want to see happen in the next film.

The idea of an established multiverse and the potential to jump between timelines is really exciting, so what can Terminator 6 do to succeed?

  • Show us other timelines: bring Sarah face to face with a version of herself if she had never got caught up in the war against the machines. Would Genisys Sarah like carefree waitress Sarah? How much can we learn from the road not taken?
  • Establish a new story: a lot of Genisys was a rehash of T1 and T2 (with a bit of The Sarah Connor Chronicles thrown in for good measure). Let's see a new storyline with totally unexpected twists!
  • Different characters: as much as we want to see what Sarah, Kyle, and Pops do next, let's get in some fresh blood! Hardened soldiers from the future, or naive computer scientists from the present - we desperately need some new additions to the gang.

After Genisys set so much up, let's hope that we get to see all this potential realised in Terminator 6! But what would you like to see? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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