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Star Wars and Star Trek are considered the cornerstone of pop culture, with comics, animated series, motion pictures and millions of fans. Every new initiative on these franchises is welcomed with widespread acclaim and they have a huge amount of ideas to cash in. So, why not a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover movie? Well, the idea wasn’t mine, as the Star Trek reboot director, now the Star Wars sequel director, J.J.Abrams has explored the possibility of making one. Watch the following video where he teases us with a brief mention about the crossover.

As per a studio assistant’s words:

The idea is that the enterprise crew are trying to outrun some trouble, and end up going through a wormhole. And that lands them in a different time and place… a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

He might have a valid point considering the facts. One might dislike this idea as a greedy studio statement, since we have seen a lot rubbish productions lately. But, the possibility of merging these two iconic franchises is fascinating and a spark of genius in a different point of view. Let’s see why I think so…

Popularity & Fandom

No one can deny the influence these movie giants have on fans. Every year at Comic Con, we witness the proof of it. Even though the Trekkies outnumber others, Storm Trooper outfits and Princess Leia's metal bikini are always in demand. A crossover might bring worries to some, as their beloved franchises clash into a big one. But, if the creators succeed in creating a well-structured, non-biased script, I'm sure the fans will welcome it wholeheartedly.

Endless Possibilities & Ideas

What would you like to see most, the Millennium Falcon evading the Enterprise or Han Solo and Captain Kirk meet up for a drink at Mos Eisley Cantina? A crossover could bring to life many fans' fantasies. To make these forces fight with each other is a relatively easy task, considering the exploration party of the Enterprise poses a threat to the galaxy far, far away. To make things better, what if a joint force of Klingons and Siths form an attack? The crossover is literally a clash of ideas and possibilities and a capable mind like Abrams can formulate a suitable story line with these things in mind. He did so for the Star Trek reboot and we soon will see how he has treated the Star Wars sequel. Let’s stay positive on that.

A New VFX Leap?

Star Wars is largely responsible for the technological leap in Hollywood, as it has inspired a number of famous directors, including James Cameron. The practical effects were mind-blowing for the 70s standards, and following its success, Abrams relies heavily on practical effects for his new feature. Star Trek on the other hand, used its fair share of both visual and practical effects throughout the years. When a crossover is under consideration, one factor the creators should keep in mind is how to revolutionize the movie industry through that film. Practical effects, visual effects, 3D and IMAX are yesterday’s technology now. For the sake of the reputation of both these franchises, some incredibly new level of technological advancement should be included in it. As Star Wars is celebrated for the game-changing visual effects, the crossover should also be remembered for such a reason.

Most of these arguments are a result of speculation, even though it’s a good sign that Abrams is working on such a movement. Whether it fails or succeeds, the Star Wars/Star Trek crossover will bring new heights to these fan favorite franchises.




Where do you stand on a potential Star Wars/Star Trek crossover?


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