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Before I explain the theory, here is some info I want to give you before we talk about it.

1: I do not plan on plagiarizing any theory made that was in any way similar to this. This was inspired off MANY theories, and that's how I developed the theory. If you feel like I did plagiarize your theory, I will give you credit for the theory as well ( Don't lie, I will find out and you will be shamed for it ).

2: I thought of the theory while playing Pokemon Revolution Online, a new game for the PC. After talking about it with a friend on a forums site, I decided that it was developed enough to be shared to the public ( you ).

3: The theory may not be 100% complete ( Might be updated in the future! )


So let's talk about the theory now!

The Pokemon World is a Post-Apocalyptic Future (of Modern Day Earth)

I know, your minds are already blown, but for those who's minds aren't blown, here is my evidence.

Proof/Evidence 1: The animals/Pokemon/Humans

If you didn't know, nuclear bombs, atomic bombs, and those of the sorts are HIGHLY radioactive. This is known after WWII when Japan was attacked by 2 nuclear bombs. Many people died of radioactivity. So what would happen in a nuclear war? Most humans and animals would die, but the ones that live will mutate, to Pokemon. Many pokemon resemble animals we know today, including Pikachu, Ratata, Weedle, the list continues on & on. For the humans however, since we use my of our intellectual capacity, and have a stronger immune system, many humans were able to shake off the radioactivity over time, though most died. But some don't end up rubbing off the radioactivity, which brings us to Sabrina. Sabrina is the gym leader of Saffron City, and has psychic powers. And if you watched the anime episodes when Ash was in Saffron city, many other people had powers like Sabrina's though weaker. Well, how can Sabrina have powers when her parents don't? The genes. The radioactivity wouldn't leave the body that easily. One or both of the parents had a radioactivity gene, likely both, which would explain why Sabrina's powers are stronger than most other people we saw in the anime. Lt. Surge is also a human that relates to this theory, but in a different way than Sabrina. Surge could possibly be a soldier in a war, maybe even the nuclear war that caused this theory. Surge mentions how a pokemon saved him during a war? How could that be? The Nuclear War could have lasted a long enough time for mutations to occur before the end of the war. Also, the war could of calmed down at the end of a war, where Surge would mention a pokemon saved him.

Proof/Evidence 2: A Map of Japan compared to the Pokemon World/Country Comparison

This Map shown below is evidence that the regions paths and layouts fit the layout of Japan almost perfectly. This means that the regions of the Pokemon World may exist in Japan.

Map of the Pokemon Regions
Map of the Pokemon Regions

But can there be other areas across the globe too? The answer is yes. Why? Unova in the map is shown is New York, USA. And it makes alot of sense. We do see a city thats resembles a boardwalk. And we do see a big city, possible what's left of NYC. Before Ash went to Unova, The previous regions and Unova didn't know of eachother's existance. And you want more proof Unova takes place in NYC. Watch the beginning of Episode 1 of the Best Wishes Series. Ash takes a PLANE to Unova. That's right! A PLANE!

Want to build on this theory? Have more evidence? Tell me and it will be added into the theory, and credited towards your name ( If you want to be referred as Anonymous or as a username, tell me! Don't use your real name if you don't want to! ).

Thanks for reading!

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