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It's not much news, but when it comes to bringing Spider-Man back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm all ears!

We all know that Tom Holland will make his first appearance as Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. While Marvel's official word is that Holland will only make a brief cameo in the film, recent goings-on behind the scenes say otherwise.

After being spotted on the Atlanta set, recently traveling to the Berlin set, rumors of a big fight scene, and the TV station Georgia 11 posting images of Peter Parker's bedroom furniture, evidence suggests we're going to see more than just a quick cameo from Tom Holland. Evidence mounts further as we hear that another important person in Peter Parker's life filmed her scenes for Civil War before production wrapped.

Last month The Hollywood Reporter announced that, despite other claims, Marisa Tomei would make an appearance as a young Aunt May in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Fast forward a month and Heroic Hollywood's sources confirmed THR's suspicions stating that Marisa Tomei will be in the movie after filming her scenes in secret.

If that is the case - let's be honest, all signs point to 'yes' - then not only will we likely be seeing Tom Holland as Spider-Man, but we'll get a glimpse into his life as Peter Parker as well. Since that's probably a scene or two's worth of content already, I think fans of the web-slinger are in for a treat come 2016!

Captain America: Civil War is set for release on May 6, 2016.

(Source: Heroic Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter)


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